V.B. Rose 8

June 6, 2010

Banri Hidaka – Tokyopop – 2010 – 12 volumes

Oh man, I haven’t had a dose of girly this strong in a long time.  The whole Ageha/Arisaka situation comes to a head here, and it is completely shameless as far as that goes.  Shamelessly girly.

Two things happen in this volume.  The above is the most major event, and most everything that follows is just reactions to it.  But there’s also a detailed flashback about Kanna and her relationship with Arisaka.  That flashback was of the type I’m not particularly fond of, where teenagers dwell on the sadness of their lives and decide things aren’t good for them (not that this is improbable, it’s just a little… you know, dramatic teens and all that).  Kanna’s an interesting character, and making her so grumpy and antisocial is a great thing when you get a little more character development.  She comes off as more of a straight man when you get behind her grumpiness, and it’s cute the way Tsuyu gets along with her so well.  Ageha points out that Tsuyu merely ignores all her grumpiness, which is an idea I like a lot.

Maki and Kazuha put in an appearance.  I almost didn’t recognize Maki, but he was also toned way down in this series.  It’s almost heartbreaking seeing them here and knowing I won’t get to read the end of I Hate You More Than Anybody.

Hm.  There’s still something a little shallow about V.B. Rose that keeps it separate from my true favorites, but when I’m blinded by girly when reading anything, I find I have to bow my head.  Bravo, V.B. Rose, for being an awesome shoujo manga.

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