Detroit Metal City 5

July 5, 2010

Kiminori Wakasugi – Viz – 2010 – 9+ volumes

I love this series unconditionally, and every new volume is a treat.  I admit to loving the crude humor, little more than well-placed swears sometimes, and that everything about Krauser and his fans brings me great joy.  There is nothing like this series.

That said, this volume was more one-shot stories than anything, and I think I like it best when the chapters form a longer story, so that the jokes get a chance to build on each other and top themselves again and again.  There is a story getting underway in the last two or so chapters, and I’m looking forward to it very much since it seems like it will feature the (I guess?) mythical Krauser I.

The stories here are very funny, though.  My favorite was one where Soichi, dressed like Krauser and in a fit of rage/jealousy, tries to get one of his friends to swear on a live radio program so that it gets pulled off the air.  DMC fans get in on the act and offer commentary while listening to the program, giving Krauser advice while he plays a game where the participants have to rhyme words with “buck.”

In a later story, Soichi is suffering guilt and remorse, and takes the above girl out to dinner, where a series of unfortunate events nearly blow his identity as Krauser (taking her to a fudge restaurant, his Krauser armor falling out of his backpack, his insistence on spitting all over her performance spot, et cetera).

There are stories that are metal variations on fables, stories about the DMC pigs, and stories featuring Kiva, Pipanic Chainsaw, and Deathism.  If it is possible to love anything in this series more than the duality of Negishi/Krauser, than I love Deathism best.  Then again, I think scatological jokes are very funny.

If you’ve been reading along, it really is just more of the same, and with no major storyline to talk about, that’s all I’ve got for now.  If you’re still on the fence, this is honestly one of the funniest series I’m reading right now.  It’s sense of humor is very, very immature, but it is absolutely pitch perfect with its immaturity.  It’s just impossible to fault.  And beautiful.  Very beautiful.

5 Responses to “Detroit Metal City 5”

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  2. Pirkaf Says:

    I just read the review of this volume on ANN by a certain Carlo Santos: Overall : C-
    Story : D Art : C-. LOL! He really shouldn’t review this funny and actually a very well-drawn manga if he doesn’t get the appeal. Just wanted to mention this. DMC never stops amusing me by its ridiculou humour. I understand it’s not for everyone, though.

  3. Pirkaf Says:

    … but the reviews on ANN are mostly ridiculous. Giving Berserk C- for story is almost a sacrilige. No, it’s a total cacrilige. I just wish Gatsu would take his big sword and show them loosers.. ;-)

  4. Connie Says:

    Yeah, it’s definitely not for everybody, but I’m with you. I absolutely can’t get enough. I know the jokes probably get repetitive for some, and they are the same type a lot of the time, but I can’t stop laughing. I’m still blown away by volume 7.

    And yeah… I wouldn’t say Berserk deserves a C- for story. It can get awful slow sometimes, but it’s pretty good about keeping the big picture in focus. And the main plot is pretty fantastic.

  5. Pirkaf Says:

    Damn, I must buy volume 7 soon!

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