Fake 6

July 21, 2010

Sanami Matoh – Tokyopop – 2004 – 7 volumes

I forgot to talk about the rest of this series! Incredible! I sped through it so fast, I think the pure sugary bad-for-me goodness burned fast and bright, leading me to believe I’d discussed all of it.

There are two cases in this volume. One is a very long case where Dee and Ryo investigate a serial killer targeting young girls that eventually endangers Carol, and the other is a long-ish story about Dee’s past, his foster father, and the reason he became a police officer.

The serial killer story was great, not only because it was an interesting and involved case (it’s one of those types where you are introduced to the killer almost immediately and have to watch as the characters struggle to put the pieces together as he gets closer and closer to Carol), but it also really helped build up all the characters and showed off all their strengths in just the right way. If nothing else, Matoh really knows how to utilize her characters well. Bikky, Carol, Dee, Ryo, all of them get to play the likable hero at some points, even poor Carol, and it’s impossible not to get caught up in things. Another interesting thing about this story is that it had some relatively serious commentary on racism, nearly unheard-of in manga, but it was interesting since it was racism in America in the 90s from an outside perspective, and more serious than you’d think.

The Dee story was appropriately sappy, with the tough cop as a role model and punk-ish young Dee getting involved on the wrong end of some bad business. The officer link doesn’t really go the way you think it would, however, and the way Dee is inspired by him is unusual, so I’ll give it that.

One other thing is that there are lots and lots of cute romantic scenes here. Less, since one story is a flashback and the other is relatively serious, but even with the few snatches of time Dee grabs, the moments are increasingly romantic from volume to volume. Very few authors can finesse the escalation like that, and it does pay off in Fake. And it is also very, very romantic.

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