Breath 3

August 7, 2010

Chifumi Ochi – Yaoi Generation – 2009 – 5 volumes

Now, I am completely and totally addicted to this series. The romance between the characters is great, the reluctance and love on both sides of the relationship in this volume is well-done, and there’s a slew of entertaining drama to complicate things. It’s got all the right pieces, and they’re working together well.

But there was this nagging thought in the back of my head the whole time I was reading this volume: As despicable as the things that Yanagi did to Arata in the early volumes were, it takes some real doing to make someone more evil than him. But there is Ten in this volume, and he doesn’t like that another man is taking away his brother. Thankfully, there’s nothing sexual in their relationship, Ten is just very possessive, but he’s incredibly twisted and evil, too. Nothing physical or violent, just really rough mind games stuff.

So yes, this volume features a lot more of Ten, Arata’s twin. Ten is much more of a social butterfly, and I think it’s interesting how he gets his connections to work for him here, but mostly I was blown away by his elaborate retaliation against Yanagi. He goes about it slowly, making it seem like a pick-up at first, then some sex Yanagi doesn’t really want, culminating in a perfect setup and a slow reveal of everything Ten knows. And he’s not even particularly… angry about it. He just does what he needs to in order to keep Yanagi away. Evil, evil stuff.

The growth of Arata in this volume was also interesting. He’s got the “realizing his feelings” thing going on early in the volume, but aside from that, his conflicted emotions over Yanagi make him seem more alive at work, and his coworkers begin to open up to him and he’s a little less of a soulless robot. Better still was his reaction to Ten’s best-laid plans. Arata was rather mature about that whole situation, and I loved that he took a practical approach to the problem. This is wasted in the end, but even so, I loved that he was the type of character that could handle that, he didn’t really seem to be.

There’s also a visitation from Yanagi’s old lover, who seems just about as evil and callous as Ten. I could do without him.

There’s a lot of patching up to do next time around, and I’m sure more drama and evil from Ten, but it all makes for some pretty good and very addicting reading. Not super spectacular, but still pretty good, especially for a multi-volume BL series.

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