Breath 4

August 21, 2010

Chifumi Ochi – Yaoi Generation – 2009 – 5 volumes

This has turned into a lovely delicate story with a seriously sinister villain working in the background to really mess things up. I like the darkness hiding behind all the emotional stuff, and I also am glad that Ten’s evil is driven more by a possessiveness rather than a real desire… well, for twincest, because that would creep me out. But the fact Ten’s been manipulating Arata since they were young is a wonderful intro to the depraved depths that it seems Ten is about to drop into. The end of this volume was really… messed up, but in a violence way rather than a sexual way.

I loved the way both Yanagi and Arata were mired in their own bad habits (Yanagi in partying, Arata in abusing his health), and both were trying to compensate for the absence of the other in different ways. This is a pretty common plot device, but it was handled so well here, and drawn out enough and with other things going on that it really resonated with the characters, and made their reunion that much more lovely.

I also loved that Arata had started to turn against Ten prior to Yanagi’s confession. It was probably because he was horrified that Ten and Yanagi might be going out, but that he was getting the bad vibe early on made the fact that he swallowed Yanagi’s explanation easier to take story-wise. As much as he clearly loved Yanagi, who are you going to believe, your twin brother that you still live with as an adult, or the guy who used to force you into having sex with him as a punishment?

While I still wish this hadn’t started with so much non-con, I really love what’s going on right now, and it’s turned into a lovely romance series. I’m sure there won’t be any surprises in the conclusion (other than perhaps a knife fight between Ten and Yanagi), but I’m still pretty excited to finish it off.

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