Detroit Metal City 7

December 17, 2010

Kiminori Wakasugi – Viz – 2010 – 10 volumes

How much do I love this series? It’s still one of my favorites. I read this volume immediately after I got it, despite the fact I’ve been in a “reading other comics” mood lately and a lot of my manga has been languishing. It makes me laugh hard, and this was the best yet. I realize it’s just the same joke over and over again, though. Souichi Negishi is a nice boy who is excessively cheerful and a failure at pop music, which is what he actually wants to do. But he is the absolute best at heavy metal, something that brings him shame.

Here, that’s taken to its logical extreme when Negishi goes to a “hip” art collective to re-invent himself, only to emerge even more extreme than he already was. Sounds boring, but man is it told well. The chapters are interspersed with the overly-chipper, obviously boring stories of the inhabitants of the “art house” in between scenes of the replacement Krauser being booed off-stage and Krauser I laying claim to all the hard work Negishi has put into the metal scene. Does Negishi care? Not really. Until you make him mad. Or just get him wound up, even.

I also like that Negishi is clearly an ace guitarist, but that somehow doesn’t translate into the pop music he wants to do. He is really that bad at pop.

There are lots and lots of other jokes in this volume that make it worth reading if you’re starting to grow tired of it (and if you’re looking for something other than jokes… well, this IS a gag series). Krauser I’s band consists of people who hold grudges against the members of Detroit Metal City, and I loved seeing Wada trying to figure out who hated him so much. Also, Krauser I’s first band is there to support him, including a man who is totally naked. He plays a prominent role in the flashbacks, still totally naked. This fact is never commented on. Later, we get to meet up with Deathism, who’s appeared before. Their forte is scatolo-metal. There are a lot of… pardon me, but shit jokes that I surely did not get tired of. I don’t know how, but they were really, really funny every time.

I also liked that Krauser I’s real name was Gaylord. I’m told that the scene where the two Krausers have a spitting contest is a more direct parody of Dragon Ball’s genki dama in Japanese, but it was simultaneously funny and a little weird in English (Krauser’s loogie is called a “Devil Bomb” while Krauser I’s is a “Gay Bomb”… because of his name, but still… uh). It was funny to see people doubt Krauser because Gaylord was an old man, and thus could spit more. This is also related to their “more rapes a second” contest to see who the real Krauser is, where Krauser I is caught cheating in a very un-sportsmanlike way. And who has more rage? Both are bizarre and petty and just… sad. But it works for them, I suppose.

This was my favorite volume yet. Very triumphant, especially when Negishi comes back and wins. Like I said, I can see how the joke might be getting old for some people, and I wouldn’t blame you, but I laugh myself silly with every volume. I’m very much looking forward to the scatolo-metal jokes continuing in the next volume, which I am vaguely ashamed to admit but they really are THAT funny.

3 Responses to “Detroit Metal City 7”

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  2. Oliver Says:

    It’s good you mentioned we might get bored of the same joke because I certainly was even in volume 2. I felt like Volume 1 could have been a standalone volume and it was silly to read just more of the same. But maybe I’ll take more of it in little spurts. I do like its “alternativeness” and it is hilarious as you said. But 7 volumes?? Hmm, maybe one a year for me?

  3. Connie Says:

    Yeah, I can’t blame you for getting bored. As much as I like it, it’s easy to admit it’s sort of the same thing over and over again. I’m taking the same slow strategy with Sgt. Frog at the moment, too. I thought that was really funny when I started it, and I still like it if I’m in the mood, but 20 volumes of the same jokes can really wear on you.

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