Dengeki Daisy 1

January 17, 2011

Kyousuke Motomi – Viz – 2010 – 8+ volumes

Wow! I liked Motomi’s other series, Beast Master, well enough, but I heard this was better. It certainly is. I’m sorry I’ve left it sit in my to-read stack for so long. It’s a very cheery series, with a tinge of romance and bittersweetness to it. It’s exactly my taste.

Teru, the main character, is alone in the world after the death of her older brother. On his deathbed, her brother told her that if she was ever in trouble, to call Daisy and she would be saved. Now, Daisy is Teru’s only friend, and though she’s never met Daisy, she does send Daisy daily e-mail updates about her life. And though she is teased a lot at school for being poor, and is lonely and sad at the loss of her brother and parents, she puts up with it because Daisy will be there for her if she really needs it.

Basically, the chapters consist of Teru getting into some bad situations and either directly asking Daisy for help, or having Daisy help without her realizing it. She does get herself into some awful messes, and puts up with a lot of sad stuff (mostly being horribly alone), but e-mailing Daisy really does help her put on a happy face and spread smiles wherever she goes. I am an absolute sucker for this kind of upbeat storytelling, and I love people like Teru, the eternal optimist.

The funnier side of the story is that Teru quickly becomes an unwilling servant to Kurosaki, the school janitor. Kurosaki teases her and puts her strong will to the test by making her do all his chores for him. But, of course, through all the bullying and meanness, Kurosaki is secretly Daisy, and secretly watches over Teru. He doesn’t tell her this, since Teru doesn’t like him, but he’s glad he can be there for her, even as a jerk. For some reason.

By the end of the volume, it’s clear that Teru sees nobody in her life but Daisy, and Kurosaki has developed feelings for her (less creepy than it sounds, since Kurosaki was the same age as her brother… I figure he’s probably about 20 or so?).

Happy, sad, a little action-packed, but guaranteed to make me smile, at least. I loved this first volume, and I’m looking forward to seeing where things go from here.

3 Responses to “Dengeki Daisy 1”

  1. P-chan Says:

    EEEK! Dengeki Daisy!!! Geez, I love this manga. I like it a lot more than any of Motomi’s other manga. But that’s not to say that I don’t like Motomi. It’s just I definitely feel that she is much more suited to longer stuff (Beast Master was her longest work at two volumes until Dengeki Daisy).

    I won’t say anything on this, except that it’s absolutely adorable and only gets better and better with each volume. If you can, get a hold of volumes 2 and 3 which are already out. It’s currently my favorite thing while waiting for new volumes of Skip Beat and Kaze Hikaru.

    Btw, it’s mentioned later that Kurosaki is 24 and her brother was 27-28 when he died. But I must say, even with an 8 year age difference, Teru and Kurosaki are adorable. The anonymous helper named after a flower and girl/man romance really remind me of Glass Mask (but without the fabulous 1970s melodrama and villainy).

  2. Katelyn Says:

    omg!!!! I love dengeki daisy. Right now my computer is fucked up, ‘scuse the language. So I am stuck on ch. 25 grrr!!!!! Ohs well! It still kicks butt.!!! ;)

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