Sarasah 2

January 27, 2011

Ryu Ryang – Yen Press – 2009 – 5+ volumes

If I pretend the first volume doesn’t exist, this isn’t so bad. Ji-Hae is nowhere near as infuriating with her blatant disregard for everybody else’s feelings. If you forget that being a creepy stalker is what got her into this mess, her steady drive towards hooking up with her “soulmate” is fairly straightforward here, made even better by the fact that Ji-Hae is a strong character that is willing to stand up for herself to get what she wants.

She’s also not shy about meeting new people and trying out new experiences. Bub-Min, the future king, helps her out quite a bit, and puts her on the path to making things right with her parents and posing as a male in order to get closer to and train with Ja-Yun. While Ji-Hae still only has eyes for Ja-Yun, it seems like there’s a possible future connection between she and Bub-Min. That’s always exciting, especially given Bub-Min’s future. And Ji-Hae is acting more like a real person, not so selfish, covering for unusual behavior patterns, and trying to fit in.

This second volume was… just all right, though. I hated the first volume so much that it’s almost like the series is starting from scratch here, and what we get here is a good starting point, but there’s still nothing terribly engaging. I feel like I need one more volume to see how the characters develop, whether the supernatural will or won’t play a role, and how history factors into the character’s decisions. There are many interesting things in play here, but seeing all of the potential wasted in the first volume makes me a little weary of the future.

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