Your & My Secret 6

February 4, 2011

Ai Morinaga – Tokyopop – 2010 – 7+ volumes

I’m still a volume behind on this series, which is a tragedy considering how much I like Ai Morinaga. I was a little worried that this series wasn’t going anywhere, but new characters in this volume make me think we might begin to see some very slight forward momentum. And while we’re waiting, it’s still full of funny stuff. This one wasn’t one of the better volumes, but Ai Morinaga always makes me laugh out loud at least a few times per volume.

We get to see the return of Momoi’s parents, who know immediately that Momoi is not herself when she greets them politely. They are even more shocked to find that the person inhabiting her body is a boy, since he seemed so much more feminine than Momoi. They, of course, insist on the switch back. Honestly, this would seem to spell out the end of the series, but after certain events that take place this volume, and considering where all the relationships are, I think dealing with the aftermath will be interesting, too.

On the other hand, there are some wordless panels where Momoi’s father is enjoying Akira’s feminine attentions, so it’s possible that Momoi’s father may break the machine himself when it’s fixed again. Hmm. Not cool.

Let’s see, what else… there’s still a lot of funny character interaction. It’s toned way down this volume since Momoi’s parents coming is a major plot point, and we get movement in the Senbongi/Akira relationship that takes a lot of story time, so there’s less of the one-shot gags. But there’s still great panels of Senbongi and Momoi clasping hands with a promise of borrowed porn, or Momoi pointing out her father looks like Spock because he was clearly drawn to look like him for no reason. But I don’t mind taking a break from non-stop gags in order to move the story forward. As I said the new plot points don’t move the story forward a whole lot, but for a series that has been mostly one-shot gag stories and minute character/relationship development since volume one, having the elements in place to move the story forward is pretty serious business.

Also, even if no story had actually taken place here, this volume would be worth reading for the short “what if” story in the back about Akira swapping bodies with grandpa instead of Momoi. That story… it was wrong on so many levels. It had me absolutely howling. It’s a different set of jokes than the normal gender swap stuff, too. Pure gold.

5 Responses to “Your & My Secret 6”

  1. DeBT Says:

    Strange that you should talk about wordless panels, when there was an entire page of nothing but text. At first, I thought it was a stylistic choice, but from the positioning of the dialogue, it seems like there should’ve been some pictures to go along with the words. I don’t have the book with me right now (it might’ve been the fifth book), but it was something that only occurred to me upon recollection.

  2. That what-if story cracked me up, too. So, so wrong.

  3. Connie Says:

    Really? That’s strange. I don’t remember that at all. Unfortunately, I don’t have the fifth book with me either, but I am curious about this now.

  4. lys Says:

    I thought I left a comment on this post, but it never showed up… Anyway, I remember I came across that text-only page too and followed up by tracking down a scanlation of the chapter, so I can say it was definitely a printing/layout error and not intentional. It’s in volume 4, about two thirds of the way through. Possibly (hopefully!) later printings were corrected…

    It would be a funny technique for a lazy mangaka to make use of, though.

  5. Connie Says:

    It does sound like a printing error, and thanks for going to the trouble of looking it up. That is kinda funny, though. I wouldn’t put it past Ai Morinaga to use a technique like that for comedic effect.

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