Ai no Kusabi 1

February 9, 2011

Rieko Yoshihara – June – 2007 – 6 volumes
This is a series of BL novels.

Wow. I don’t know how I missed adding this over here, but I reviewed the first volume of this classic BL novel series over at Manga Village. Please check it out.

As much as I’ve liked almost all the BL novels I’ve read from June, I was disappointed by the first volume of the series I hear about most. To be fair, the six novel version we’re reading in the US is apparently a re-working of what was once a single-volume work, so the first volume is only an intro. There are a lot of interesting sci-fi trappings, and the strict social hierarchy the characters endure is interesting, but… there is some overly flowery dialogue, and we are told some of the same details over and over and over again, with flowery language, every time a situation involving the rules of the hierarchy comes up. It can be tedious. Also, this is mostly an intro to the characters and setting, so the actual story doesn’t get going until later.

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