Laon 3

February 13, 2011

YoungBin Kim / Hyun You – Yen Press – 2010 – 6 volumes

Hmm… Yen Press’s page indicates that volume six is the last of the series. I wonder if it was cut short, because as of volume 3, Laon has only one of her nine tails. I’d hate to see the other eight crammed into three volumes, after the story does such a good job unfolding.

My favorite part of this volume was not the resolution to the recovery of Laon’s first tale, but the unrelated story that came afterwards. Tae-Ha gets several tips about supernatural activity taking place at the same location, so he takes a road trip to the place. Unfortunately, his car breaks down in the middle of a storm, and he is forced to stay overnight with a starving brother and sister in a broken-down house. Things get weird when it becomes apparent that their house is at the nexus of a major supernatural pathway. Things get terrifying, gruesome, and maybe a little touching as the bizarre story reaches its conclusion. Tae-Ha also gains a helpful item as thanks. It was a great story, simply because it was the right mix of bizarre and scary, and also because it did a good job of revealing everything slowly while keeping some details maddeningly under wraps until the end.

And yeah, there is the rather short resolution to the story of how Laon gains her first tail, and most of a second story that takes up the later half of the volume. It’s music-focused, and might have something to do with fame and attention. Tae-Ha is sent out to ruin the reputation of the idol that the tail seems to be attracted to, and Laon reveals that each of her tails has a different magical use, with the second being very useful indeed.

I still really love the art in this series, too. It uses a lot of heavy outlines and some craziness for background and clothing designs, especially whenever we see Laon. In fact, the art always looks its best, with the best compositions and everything else, when Laon is being drawn. It looks great, exactly like a crazy supernatural series should.

It upsets me that this may have been cut short, but I am looking forward to seeing how the story progresses through what must be the second half of the plot. The fourth volume just came out, and I’ll probably be picking it up soonish.

2 Responses to “Laon 3”

  1. Jura Says:

    I’m glad it’s only six volumes. I would have dropped this series if it kept going no matter how much I liked it.

  2. ZeroSD Says:

    I think it’s one of the few Korean series that’s being released at the moment.

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