Moveable Manga Feast: Aria Roundtable at Manga Village

March 26, 2011

This month’s Manga Moveable Feast focuses on the series Aqua/Aria, the story of an apprentice gondola operator named Akari and her ceaseless awe of the city around her. We did a roundtable over at Manga Village that takes a look at the series, so check it out over there.

This is a fun series (Aqua is a seamless prequel to the longer Aria), and prior to this roundtable, I hadn’t read a volume in quite some time. The MMF also gave me an opportunity to dust off and read volume 6, the most recent volume from Tokyopop, so I’ll probably be talking about that here tonight as well. Fun stuff!

One Response to “Moveable Manga Feast: Aria Roundtable at Manga Village”

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