Sensual Phrase 13

June 21, 2011

Mayu Shinjo – Viz – 2006 – 18 volumes

Hmm… hm. The story takes a turn for the rather serious at the end of this volume. I have a hard time believing it’s as bad as it looks, but all the members of Lucifer have to break it off with their loved ones in preparation for a world tour. There’s the expected drama from Aine and Sakuya… and by expected drama, I mean the band’s manager threatens to rape Aine in order to make her feel guilty about cheating on Sakuya to use as blackmail to make her stay in Japan. But stuff like that goes by without comment in Sensual Phrase, so what can I do?

The unusual part is that the story also splits up Yuki and his wife, and the recent couple of Atsuro and his sister. This is an awful lot of serious drama for Sensual Phrase. Either something huge is going down in the story, or the six months of tour time will pass in a few pages’ worth of Aine pining away.

Please note, “something huge” has yet to happen in Sensual Phrase. It’s all Sakuya and Aine, all the time. As I’ve said, most of the volumes consist of two stories, both will always be “major” events, but both will always be resolved simply because Sakuya and Aine love each other. I’m… I’m not too sure that Sensual Phrase is really the place for anything more taxing than that.

What else happens… Oh! There’s a really bizarre story about Aine helping an old “friend” by pretending to be engaged to him, and Sakuya happily goes along with this charade. This story was so bizarre and out-of-character all around (not to mention that it didn’t make sense for Aine to help this creep) I wasn’t quite sure what to make of it. Its… it’s really something. Watching Sakuya tease Aine through subtly evil methods is superb, though, even if you’re not quite sure what his ulterior motive in this case is.

My moment of bad dialogue zen: When insulted by someone who is supposedly Aine’s ex-boyfriend, Sakuya takes the insults about not getting into college, and counters with “I guess I’ll just have to rely on my skills in the sack.”

One Response to “Sensual Phrase 13”

  1. Sara K. Says:

    Heh, I thought the story with Aine’s old “friend” was great … the dialogue in that story made me laugh harder than any other subplot in the series. In addition to the ‘sack’ line, I loved it when Sakuya said “sounds like fun” (which is only hilarious in context)/.

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