Dark Walker

August 1, 2011

Hikaru Yura – June – 2008 – 1 volume
this is a novel

I have a sad addiction to these June novels. I’ve learned that I have to buy them on the release date, because they don’t get reprinted and are sometimes sold out within three months. As we speak, I am sadly checking every source I can think of on a near-daily basis for a reasonably priced copy of All You Need is Love. Even when I don’t really like these, I cannot put them down. It’s a sad addiction.

Dark Walker is only okay, and has an awesome premise that is explored less than I like. Turns out that the reason we aren’t told more about the Depths of Dreams is because this is actually a spinoff from a manga series. But all the right details were there, and I loved the fantasy setting.

Tomoki has dreams every night where he makes love to a faceless stranger. When he wakes up, he can’t recall the lover’s face. Soon, a new student named Yuugo moves to Tomoki’s school… you see where this is going. In addition to finally getting Tomoki to remember his face and that he’s the one who makes love to him in dreams, he also forces Tomoki to realize that the two of them are special beings that can pass in and out of the Depths of Dreams. It’s the dimension where human consciousness goes to dream, but Tomoki and Yuugo can go there in body as well as spirit and stay conscious. Yuugo is a sort of warrior who fights off demons in the Depths, and slowly tries to get Yuugo to develop his defensive powers. The two are quickly caught up in the plans of Kannon, who wants to kill the ruler of the Depths of Dreams and let the demons spill over into reality.

It’s difficult to summarize, but the writer does do a decent job of fleshing out the details of the Depths of Dreams and making it an interesting part of the book. I liked that there was more to the story than the relationship between Yuugo and Tomoki too, since that was resolved fairly early on. A lot of detail also goes into describing Yuugo’s fighting habits, and my favorite parts of the story are towards the end when Yuugo begins to lose control of his powers and his humanity.

And yet, as I said, I wish there were more detail, and maybe even something slightly more interesting going on in the Depths of Dreams. What’s here is pretty great (in the shallow entertainment way that all the June novels are great, not necessarily The Name of the Wind great), but it definitely leaves me wanting more.

I liked it for being the most successful of the fantasy-themed June novels I’ve read so far, and probably one of the most interesting plot-wise. But I still have a stronger taste for the smuttier ones, and I’m not sure if I’ll ever like another one of these novels as much as The Lonely Egotist. I’ve liked almost all of them fairly well so far, though. They’re exactly what I want every time, and I can usually finish them in one sitting.

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