Tyrant Falls in Love 2

August 1, 2011

Hinako Takanaga – June – 2011 – 8 volumes

In case you’re reading this at another time, when four reviews of Challengers aren’t on my front page, I’ve recently grown completely obsessed with this series. It’s great. More than great. One of my favorite BL series of all time, I think. I’ve read it over and over again these past five days. This is an almost complete 180 from my opinions of volume 1, and I couldn’t be happier.

My problems with this series were mostly with the non-con, and that’s still an issue. But after reading the beginnings of Souichi and Morinaga’s relationship, and knowing Souichi’s character a little better (he won’t let himself consent, basically), it’s slightly easier to take in-context, though part of me is ashamed to say so. Also, the fact that Souichi is willing to just roll into the lab with Morinaga the next day and act like absolutely nothing happened (much to Morinaga’s chagrin) also does much to alleviate all the complaining he does during sex.

Souichi is the main draw for me here, though. The “tyrant” title is fitting, and he’s a horrible person who cares little for the opinions of others. Morinaga is wonderful for basically being the only person who can tolerate him, and watching him take the time to try and penetrate Souichi’s defenses is quite romantic, in its way. And I appreciate that Souichi holds his own, rather than letting Morinaga be his only sappy weakness. He never stops being a terrible person, really, even to Morinaga, who we know he at least values as his best and closest friend, with no romantic strings attached. Both are extremely entertaining and likable, and that’s why this series so so great. I’d watch them read a newspaper to each other.

In a particularly evil Souichi-ish move, the first story in this volume starts with Morinaga finally bullying Souichi into more sex. Souichi reveals that he had been waiting for Morinaga to break in order to determine just how long he could go without sex. Two months had elapsed, so Souichi determines that he only needs to have sex with Morinaga once every two months.

Well, Morinaga decides that if he can only have sex six times a year, he’s going to make it count. Then the reader gets what they want for awhile, and afterwards, Souichi agrees to gentler sex once a week.

Most of the volume, however, goes into detail about Morinaga’s past. Morinaga has a homophobic family and a bad past with one of his older brother’s best friends. Souichi disagrees with the way his family and brother handled Morinaga’s sexuality. Turns out Morinaga’s brother is getting married, and the past is getting stirred up again since Morinaga’s parents insist on having him at the wedding in order to try and bury the sordid events of the past. Morinaga’s brother shows up in Nagoya to try and convince Morinaga to come himself. Souichi finds him first.

Afterwards, there’s more sex. It seems like these volumes are required to have at least two sex scenes. The sex scenes are good, either because of or in spite of Souichi bitching all the way through, take your pick. The bitching mostly just feels like Souichi’s personality maintaining at this point, though, since he’s free to stop the process or walk away and doesn’t. And Souichi’s personality is a huge part of why I love this series.

5 Responses to “Tyrant Falls in Love 2”

  1. Ren Says:

    Souichi is definitely the reason why this series is so addicting. I read Challengers first and I didn’t even like it until after I got to know Souichi better in Tyrant.

  2. Alex Says:

    I read first Challengers ad I did like Morinaga too.
    But rape is rape.
    Can rape ever be justified?No, EVER!
    There are no-circumstances under which rape is ever justified.
    I’m really disappointed in Hinako Takanaga.

  3. Alex Says:


  4. Connie Says:

    Alex: You’re right, of course. It was driven home after I read Croquis, that that particularly common BL plot device is pretty well below Takanaga.

    Having said that, I just read a BL manga with a real rape scene, and it’s nothing like what happens here. But wrong is wrong, and I agree with you 100%. It is a problem with this series, which is unfortunate, because I really did fall in love with this one.

  5. Connie Says:

    Ren: I found myself in love with Challengers despite myself, and I think it was when the Morinaga/Souichi stories started. Those two were just so much better than Tomoe and Kurokawa. The actual meat of Challengers was okay, but nothing special. I was surprised by how much better absolutely everything was when I went back to Tyrant, though. Having all that background really did make a difference.

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