Dorohedoro 4

August 25, 2011

Q Hayashida – Viz – 2011 – 15+ volumes

I’m just speechless. I always am when I read a volume of this. It’s so wonderful. It continues to develop its plot while being about nothing. And every once in awhile, it does something shocking to make sure you’re paying attention.

I’m pretty sure the most shocking scene in this volume was when a monster-ized Noi eviscerated Shin. This is tangentially related to the plot, since it has to do with the nature of Ebisu’s magic. Apparently Ebisu’s skills might get us closer to the mystery of Caiman. We also learn a smidge more about the cross-eye gang, and there’s some knowledge that passes between Caiman and Nikaido. Other than that… there’s lots of meandering.

A big part of the middle of the book is, for no reason, dedicated to a baseball game. Fujita comes to the Hole to get revenge on Caiman for killing his partner, but instead is drafted into a baseball game between the hospital staff that Caiman works for and… a rival medical organization (I think they treat victims of magic abuse?). The rivals are mostly old men. When the boss is introduced, he has several hypodermic needles protruding out of his skull. When Fujita asks, he casually mentions that they are anabolic steroids. Shocking.

On Caiman’s team is a gigantic humanoid cockroach named Johnson. Because the other team is mostly old men, and Caiman’s team has people like Caiman, Nikaido, and Johnson on it, the game is easily won. They never speak of it again.

Eccentric is probably the best way to describe this series. Eccentric and shocking. I love that it is definitely going somewhere, but taking its time about it and stopping to smell the roses along the way. There’s nothing wrong with that, especially since Hayashida is really good at building up her unusual setting and giving all the details you could possibly want on it.

2 Responses to “Dorohedoro 4”

  1. therrain Says:

    It’s like Jonson always says: Shocking!
    I really love this manga, it makes carnage so natural yet so visceral, nonetheless funny and enjoyable… How can Hayashida make you like even the villains, and how she can make a demon look cute?? Through pure brilliance is the answer.
    The detail of the artwork really blows my mind at the turn of every page..

  2. Connie Says:

    I know! I love the details she includes in the art. There’s a lot to look at, and she always rewards you for looking closely.

    It is interesting how she is giving fair time to both sides in this series. As terrible as it is that the sorcerers practice their magic on the humans in the hole, it’s also true that Caiman butchers even innocent sorcerers mercilessly, and Shin and Noi do a pretty good job of butchering their fellow sorcerers for no good reason, too.

    It’s excruciating that this comes out so slowly. I feel like I could probably read the whole thing in one sitting, were it available.

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