Karakuri Odette 3

August 25, 2011

Julietta Suzuki – Tokyopop – 2010 – 6 volumes

So cute! Every volume gets more and more adorable. After a story about Odette finding a lost cat, the meat of the volume is about Yukimura and his efforts to woo Odette, Odette trying to figure out what that means, and people trying to lead Odette to the reason why Asao is the one she chooses again and again.

IT’S SO ADORABLE. I realize that’s not much of a critique. But it is. Odette and the others slowly feel their way through their feelings, and again, it’s handled with such subtle attention to the details of these things that it’s difficult not to fall completely in love with it.

Or at least for me it is. I am a complete shoujo addict, though. I live for this stuff.

The stories this time around include things like Odette dealing with a huge, ugly battery pack when her battery stops working, confronting people about their feelings (a new character is introduced that apparently has feelings for Asao), a chapter where she and Chris look all over the neighborhood for a little girl’s lost cat, and Odette putting Yukimura through all sorts of trials in order to do simple things like apologize to her, walk her home from school, or even have a conversation with her. In the last chapter, Odette’s friend goes on a double date to not-Disneyland, and Odette decides to take Asao. Both Odette and Asao seem to move a micron closer to each other.

I’ve read these first three volumes in a row. I’m just going to keep going, because I can’t get enough of this stuff. I’ll be more critical next time, but for now, really. This series is adorable. I’m sorry I didn’t pick it up sooner.

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