S 3

August 31, 2011

Saki Aida – June – 2008 – 4 volumes
this is a novel

More of exactly what I want, more or less. This time around, there are some well-made counterfeit guns being circulated, and Shiiba does what he can to track down first the dealers, then the source. One of his informants this time around is a dangerous young man named Kuro, who keeps insisting that he has information, then basically meeting Shiiba for dates. Shiiba allows himself to be jerked around by this young man out of a desire to find the source of the guns, but it’s clear after awhile that Kuro’s leads aren’t going anywhere. More dangerous is the leader of the Godou Group, who is somehow tied up in Shiiba’s recent business. The Godou Group looks to be behind some recent big moves in the Yakuza community too, and of course Shiiba comes face-to-face with him before the end of the volume.

This volume was quite a bit more dramatic than the others. While there’s still plenty of Munechika/Shiiba scenes, most of the focus is on how ridiculously dangerous Shiiba’s current investigation is, and some impending trouble in the police force. The work-related drama is quite effective this time around, in a way that it wasn’t in the last volume.

And when things go bad, they go really, really bad. I feel a little silly for admitting that I didn’t see the twist coming until it was nearly on top of me, and because of that I was left guessing for much of the volume.

After the main story is taken care of, there’s some additional drama between Munechika and Shiiba. There’s a wonderful romantic scene between the two of them towards the end of the book, and a terrible cliffhanger that looks like it will start volume four off on the completely wrong foot. I’m dying to read the conclusion.

One thing that’s beginning to worry me is Shinozuka. From the first volume, I liked him as an older character that Shiiba looked up to and sought for advice. I liked that they had a shared grief, and I liked that the grief put space between them that started to heal. And maybe this is just because it’s a BL novel, but… I’m beginning to worry that there will be some romantic entanglements with Shinozuka. And that would really not be okay.

One final observation… you know, the song Moon River comes up an awful lot in manga. It happens to be Shiiba’s sister’s favorite song in a memory here, but I believe it had a lot of strong memories in Honey and Clover as well, and Breakfast at Tiffany’s may have come up in Kurosagi Corpse Delivery Service. And these are just the ones I remember. I think it’s come up a grand total of zero times elsewhere. Perhaps this is just a sign that I should watch that movie.

But before that, volume four will come in the mail. I will read it and enjoy every page, because I am easy to please.

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  1. This one has good re-read value, too. :)

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