Zombie Loan 12

August 31, 2011

PEACH-PIT – Yen Press – 2011 – 13 volumes

I gave up on this series after three volumes. As interesting as the premise was (that you can buy yourself another chance at life), it was a little too fanservice-heavy for my taste. I always thought about giving it another chance, though, and I thought I’d try volume 12 to see how much the series had changed since then.

I was… lost, at first. It seemed like everybody, including the main character, was dead for real at the beginning of the volume, and the only ones left were Chika and Shito, the pair that Michiru met in the first volume. It didn’t make sense to me that Michiru was killed, but I was also a little bit impressed by this. There were characters and situations I was unfamiliar with at first too, and I was worried I wouldn’t be able to get a handle on things.

But then Chika and Shito are killed, too. Except they don’t really die. For some reason, they wind up in a video game. That doesn’t even make sense, but I’m willing to go along with it. Another character happens to do the debugging, and they use a password reset to get a better form for working their way through the video game, but apparently the idea was that they had to play through the video game to get strong enough post-mortem to enter some sort of… recycling bin in order to rescue everyone else who is killed.

Again, I don’t think this would make any sense even if I had been reading the whole thing. But I like it anyway. When they do get to the recycling bin, there are literal garbage trucks moving “data” around. None of the characters have a body, they are simply “data.”

I… I think I like it again. I don’t think this volume reflects what came before it at all, but I’m impressed by the off-the-wall logic here. I was surprised to see that this was the second-to-last volume. It didn’t really feel like a climax to me, but then again, the main character was dead, so what do I know.

There’s not even that much action. Mostly it’s just a lot of talking heads trying to explain to you why any of this makes sense. I tuned it out, because it doesn’t matter. Two characters died and wound up in a video game. There’s no explaining that. Also, this is the second volume I’ve read in two weeks that uses Akashic Records as part of the plot/power structure. It’s unusual to see that come up so frequently.

Anyway. I’m sold. I’m going to go back and give this series another try.

This was a review copy provided by Yen Press.

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