Ouran High School Host Club 16

September 7, 2011

Bisco Hatori – Viz – 2011 – 18 volumes

I enjoy this series quite a bit, and I adore Tamaki to the very core of my shoujo-loving being, but now that we’re closing in on the end of the series, we’re getting into dramatic finish territory, and it’s getting tough to read. I had to put this volume down for awhile because I couldn’t do the whole sad story in one sitting.

I don’t want to spoil too much, but it’s obvious that the Ouran storyline is beginning to wrap up here. Haruhi and Tamaki are dancing around their feelings, and all that it’s going to take is a real conversation between them to cement their relationship. Unfortunately, this coincides with Tamaki’s grandmother finally getting around to letting Tamaki into the fold. He’s got his hands full with learning all about the Suoh family business, and doesn’t have… free time anymore.

There’s all kinds of sinister in this volume. Both from Tamaki’s grandmother, who has been a villain all along, and Tamaki’s father, who fails to support or even stand up for his son. The Suoh lawyer is also sticking her nose in Haruhi’s affairs, and by the end of the volume, even Tamaki says things he’s going to regret later. In some cases, immediately, when he collapses in the hallway in a comedic puddle of tears.

I think the worst part of all this is that it’s so talky. This series is always so funny and happy, it’s extremely difficult for me to sit through a depressing volume where characters simply sit around and discuss what they can and can’t do for 200 pages.

Oh, I have full faith in a happy ending. There’s going to be some unpleasantness to get there, though.

So that the whole thing doesn’t end on a sour note, there’s a short story in the back of the volume about how Haruhi’s parents got together. It’s all kinds of awesome, with Ryoji still more or less himself even back then, and Haruhi’s mother… well, is more or less exactly like Haruhi, save for the fact she has a secret Takarazuka soft spot.

Following this, there’s another really funny story about Hikaru and Kaoru’s grandmother. She’s just the sort of eccentric old lady you’d expect to be head of the Hitachiin family.

Hatori’s strength as a writer really is in coming up with these strong, hilarious characters that play well together, and it’s good that both of these fall in this volume with a difficult part of the main story. They more than make up for the lack of silly Tamaki in this volume. I do hope he’ll get an opportunity to appear again next volume, though.

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