Please Save My Earth 1

September 22, 2011

Saki Hiwatari – Viz – 2003 – 21 volumes

I’m doing it. I’m reading this thing. I feel like I’m going in well prepared. I had considered starting with volume 7, a flashback that serves as a good stepping-in point for the series, but I thought since I was fortunate enough to find the whole thing, I might as well begin from the beginning.

It’s great! Full-blown 80s shoujo melodrama, with a main character who’s a quiet misfit at her new school, a bratty next-door-neighbor who leaps off his balcony while under her care, and a possible budding love triangle. Also, hints of psychic powers, and the whole alternate lives thing. There’s lots and lots of panels with Alice, the main character, posing with flowers, and plenty of illustrations of her looking on in frustration or sadness. I live for this stuff. I’m one volume in and already completely sold on this.

The story starts off with Alice, who is, again, a quiet girl who has trouble fitting in at her new high school. She has no trouble speaking to plants and animals, however, as both are inexplicably drawn to her. The only person at Alice’s new house that will talk to her is Rin, a 7-year-old boy that lives next door and seems to delight in tormenting Alice in every way possible. Obnoxious crying spells, gum in her hair, bizarre veiled threats, you know the drill. One day, Alice accidentally walks in on two boys having a rather… serious conversation in the school garden. Alice assumes that the two are a couple, but later the boys set her straight. They share a dream. Literally, they both have the same dream every night. It’s the same setting, but both are different characters in the dream, so they see it from different perspectives. One of the boys, Issei, is a woman named Enju in his dream, who is completely in love with dream-man Gyokuran, who happens to be the dream-character of the other boy Jinpachi. Even though it’s apparently “not what it looks like,” the boys are always together in compromising situations, and Issei seems to be about in love with Jinpachi as Enju is with Gyokuran. In the dream, however, Gyokuran is in love with a woman named Mokuren.

So, we learn all this. Obviously, this is important, as a good chunk of story time is dedicated to it. Alice finds all this amusing, but doesn’t really put much stock in it. Elsewhere, she’s tricked into babysitting Rin. Rin hears Jinpachi and Issei’s story and gets all serious on Alice. Apparently he has dreams, too, and wants to know if Alice is in love with Jinpachi. When Alice teases Rin about his feelings, Rin jumps off a balcony, which is obviously not good news for Alice. It wrecks her life, in fact, and destroys all the normalcy she had worked so hard to build throughout the volume.

So there you go. Tragic, melodramatic, mysterious, and addictive right from the first volume. So far, I like all the characters, and the story is fairly engaging and told in such a way that it’s easy to pick up (the past life stuff sounds complicated, but really is easy to get through in the book itself). It’s definitely got me hooked, and I’m looking forward to reading more/the whole damn thing in the coming weeks. Or week. I have no self-control.

6 Responses to “Please Save My Earth 1”

  1. lys Says:

    I was super excited when I saw this post! Eeee, you’re finally reading it! Addictive from the first volume was my experience too. The only thing that spaced out my reading was gathering up the volumes, and even then I read volumes 2-21 over the course of a month. My second time reading the series took 5 days. I’ve been wanting to reread it again for a while, so I’m probably going to do just that once I’m home—I’m away from my collection this week (and sadly didn’t think to take it with me, though I brought a couple volumes of Eroica and other stuff along…). Soooo great. 80s shoujo manga, I love you forever!

    Hope you enjoy the rest of the series, as well as your vacation :D I look forward to more PSME posts as you write them!
    (by the way, the second-to-last paragraph uses “Ran” instead of “Rin.”)

  2. Connie Says:

    I’ve only had time to read one more volume so far, but it’s still great stuff. I just got home, and I’m worried about what will happen if I really, really get into it the next couple days. But wow, I can’t believe how great it’s been about introducing all the details so far. I feel like it’s got a fairly complex plot going at the end of the second volume, and yet I have a good grip on everything (well, except Issei and Jinpachi, I’m still getting them confused).

    Thanks for pointing out that typo too, I hate it when that happens.

  3. P-chan Says:

    FINALLY. FINALLY this day has come! You’re reading it! I have read a lot of manga in the last 14 years. But Please Save My Earth is my number 1 favorite (which is ironic because I don’t actually own it). I’ve always wanted to know what you’d think of it because not many people blog/review it because lets face it, it’s old. I’ll be stalking these posts for awhile. . .

  4. Pirkaf Says:

    Oh my… one od my shoujo guilty pleasures… great manga…. *^_^*

  5. chloes_fork Says:

    Just read this myself last night. Surprised to see you say (twice) that Rin jumped from the balcony; I thought it was clear he lost his balance and fell accidentally after Alice slapped him for throwing the bulb off. That’s also why her guilt is so great, beyond just her responsibility as his babysitter.

    Oh, and the Black Jack cameo was awesome.

  6. I am so happy you’re reading this! I, too, will be stalking the site even more than usual! It’s so great!! Self-control can be overrated . . . :)

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