Future Diary 7

September 25, 2011

Sakae Esuno – Tokyopop – 2010 – 11 volumes

I almost don’t really want to catch myself up on this, because it’s really terrible that it stops one volume from the end. It’s quite good, and it’s a little annoying that the plot, the characters playing a game to determine who gains control over the universe, is going to be unresolved by one volume.

But it’s good enough that it’s worth reading all the fights that lead up to that conclusion. It’s really, really good, in fact. A perfect combination of mystery, action, and horror. I still can’t get over just how thoroughly creepy, evil, and crazy Yuno is. She’s the perfect character to carry the day in a series like this. And I love that Yukiteru is forced to trust her, lest he be killed. She may be a murderer, but she’d never kill him.

This volume is all about the sevens. I don’t want to spoil the surprise of what kind of diary they have, so I can’t talk too much about the actual fight. It’s interesting, however, because it’s a lot like the situation Yukiteru and Yuno have going. Except better, because the sevens trust each other, where Yukiteru can never really trust Yuno. The fact that the plot seems to be moving in that direction saddens me a little, and I wonder if it will really go through with it.

Also in this volume, we meet Yukiteru’s father. His story is also too good to spoil, but let’s just say… hm. It’s interesting who’s word can be trusted in this case. Also, Yukiteru’s father is really… he fits. He just fits in this disturbing, messed-up series, and I also liked the way the volume ended, re: Yukiteru’s parents.

This is good stuff, and it will probably be these volumes that I’ll polish off next from Tokyopop. But again. It’s a real shame I can’t finish this series.

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