Please Save My Earth 3

September 25, 2011

Saki Hiwatari – Viz – 2004 – 21 volumes

You know, this series has been pretty great so far. Amazing, in fact. But I’ve been able to restrain myself. One volume a day. But then I read this volume.


Now I have to read the rest as fast as possible. Seriously. That scene was amazing. I was beginning to lose faith when the characters began frequently lapsing into Saint Seiya armor. But then that scene happened. I’m a fan for life now. And it’s only volume three. I can’t even imagine how much better it will get from here.

Everything about that scene was amazing. The reversal of the earlier past-life confession. The rain. The accusations. The revenge taken. What actually happened to everyone on the moon, and the reason for the age gap. The reason for Rin’s general creepiness. All of it. I can’t get over just how wonderful it was.

One thing about this, and some of Hiwatari’s author commentaries up until this scene… I guess younger readers than I read this, but was it really not obvious who Shion was? She mentions the evidence during the first Mokuren scene, and I assumed that’s when she let us know that, yes, that’s who Shion is. As if the whole… situation between the two the last few volumes wasn’t enough of a clue. I was confused when the initial confession went the other way, especially since it ended with an illustration that was clearly Mokuren and Shion embracing (as she says, Shion is the only one with dark hair). It’s hard for me to believe that anyone could think Shion was another character.

Anyway, the sad thing is, that amazing scene wasn’t the only excellent confrontation here. I really liked when Issei had to admit he was in love to Jinpachi. That scene was great until he and Jinpachi turned into Shun and Hyoga at the last minute.

I started getting a little confused when the lengthy flashback started in the middle of the volume. I had a firm grasp of Gyokuran, Enju, Mokuren, Shion, and Issei, Jinpachi, Alice, and Rin. The other characters, introduced last volume, I wasn’t as familiar with, so when the flashback began tossing around names, it became a little harder to follow. I love the character sheet in the front of the book for that, though, and after three pages, it became much clearer what was happening, so that turned out to be fine. I like the way Shukaido entered the story here, and Haru as well. I’m not opposed to Enju jumping into the flashbacks, or Shusuran/Sakura and Hiiragi/Daisuke entering the story in a larger role. It’s just gotta happen slow for me. The current pace is pretty much perfect, though.

Okay. One more volume tonight, but I probably won’t write it up here.

3 Responses to “Please Save My Earth 3”

  1. Sara K. Says:

    Yay! Boku-tama :D

    I would like to note that it is very rare that I will see a significant part of my life reflected in a manga. However, there is a part of Boku-tama has something very much like something I’ve experienced. Yes, I know it’s fiction and all … but my grandfather was in many ways like Rin’s counterpart on the Moon (though my grandfather’s actions were less despicable). There have been times when 1) people have said that I am like my grandfather (in a negative way) and 2) I have wondered if I am like my grandfather (again, in a negative way). So even though I am very different from Rin’s, I have had some similar experiences. I suspect I have more of my grandfather in me than most of my relatives, but I think I’ve come to embrace the positive qualities I’ve inherited from him, and to compensate for the negative qualities (it took a long time to this point, though).

  2. P-chan Says:

    Yay! I knew that scene would hook you! I have to say, I really loved the leads in this. Even poor, misguided, villainous Shion.

    But see, if you had skipped to volume 8 you would have missed that! The first seven+ volumes are all about pulling scattered pieces together and then WHAM! full backstory.

    You know the early PSME volumes are chock full of otaku jokes (i love how Black Jack saves Rin) but St. Seiya armor gags were the worst offenders. I think they stop very early in the series so they might be over by now.

  3. One of the things I love in the series is the reinterpretations you keep having to do when it’s revealed that what you thought you knew is either wrong or not the whole truth. Enjoy your marathon. :)

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