Please Save My Earth 4

September 28, 2011

Saki Hiwatari – Viz – 2004 – 21 volumes

Okay, there are two notable things about this volume. One is that the situation between Gokuran and Enju comes to a head. I knew this would be coming sooner rather than later, and when Shusuran began needling Enju, I knew the big blow-up was chapters away. But the scene where the confrontation/confession happens is amazing. Hiwatari really knows how to sit on a moment and stretch it out. I love that so much is unsaid between the two before Enju has to clear the air. It’s not quite as good as the Shion/Shukaido scene last volume, but it’s still pretty great.

This goes along with the subplot that seems to be trying to bring Jinpachi and Alice together. Alice wants nothing to do with him, and for some reason wants to be faithful to Rin (I know it’s because she thinks she scarred him for life, but I wouldn’t think she’d pay more than lip service to their “agreement”). Jinpachi isn’t going to give up, though, and even though Alice has completely shut him out of her life, factors like Jinpachi’s desperation, Shion’s sudden appearance, and Alice’s brother try to push them back together. I suspect Alice won’t fall for it.

The other is mostly that Rin continues to be a crazy. He clearly has a soft spot for Alice, and I love that he’s worked out this huge con with Haru, who’s scared to death of him, in order to fool Alice and the others into believing his lies. And it’s weird that his affection for Alice and his menacing behavior towards Haru can come from the same person. I… kinda like him for it, but out of appreciation of the fact he’s an interesting character. Because otherwise, he really is a dangerous jerk.

Another interesting thing about this volume is that Tamura randomly decides Rin and Haru are psychics, then calls up a friend of his with a psychic brother. The friend calls his brother, who then teleports to Tokyo, and the three have a really hard-to-swallow conversation about psychic powers, as if this is the most normal thing in the world. I loved that this scene was done with a completely straight face, in as serious a context as possible. Wow.

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