Bleach 35

October 3, 2011

Tite Kubo – Viz – 2011 – 52+ volumes

This volume hasn’t really dissuaded me from my vow to stop reading this series once I’ve received my preorders. This was another extended fight scene, this time between Kenpachi and Nnoitora. At least I knew the names of both characters this time.

And… you know what? I don’t really have anything to say about the fight. It fills most of the chapters. The first chapter concludes the Mayuri fight. It ends… exactly how you think it will. I will admit Mayuri is still awesome, though, since he finishes up his appearance by committing an unseemly act to revive his assistant. We aren’t shown this, but it grosses the other characters out, and the rare moment of humor made me laugh.

Kenpachi fights hard. He loses his eyepatch at one point, so we learn about that. Nnoitora’s released form looks pretty cool, I’ll admit. But there’s not even any alternate fighting techniques in this fight. They simply just slash at each other, and fight with swords. Unusually, I think Zaraki’s victory is absolute, which is a little surprising. Also, we learn that Kenpachi really loses it when opponents go after Yachiru.

At the end of the volume, the plot moves forward, which really surprised me. Aizen decided, randomly, that he was bored of watching the Soul Reapers fight (seriously, there’s no catalyst for this, and the one that was suggested was shot down), so he seals them in Hueco Mundo and moves in on Karakura Town. Luckily, the rest of the Soul Reaper leaders are there to fight. If we’re lucky, the next eight volumes will feature long fight scenes with each of them, all of whom I’ve forgotten at this point.

I’m bored, Bleach.

One Response to “Bleach 35”

  1. JC Says:

    I hate to admit it but: Bleach, you seriously need to pick up your game again. Personally, chapter 423 really picked things up for me because it kind of addresses a relationship I really like and I just bawled but now I’m just bored again. Le sigh.

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