Gen 3

October 3, 2011

Shige Nakamura / Yu Suzuki / Gunya Mihara / Arisa Karino – Gen Manga Entertainment – 2011 – 5+ volumes

I always like plugging this anthology, because it deserves to be read. It’s also a great deal. There are now five issues available digitally at the Gen Manga website. The first three are free, and there’s no strings attached or special viewers needed to read them. The two newer ones, issues four and five, are still only $2.99. Or even $1.99 if you click here. Check out the first three to see if the stories are your kinda thing.

I’m still really liking Wolf, VS Aliens, and Kamen. Wolf is quickly turning into my favorite story in the anthology. It’s still very low-key, and still very much about Naoto trying to reconcile and/or sort out his feelings of anger about his deadbeat father. It’s turned more towards boxing in this issue, as we find out that the straight that young Naoto practiced again and again when he was younger in hopes of showing his father has developed into a formidable punch. I was happy to see Shota, Naoto’s friend who’s training to be a sumo wrestler, reappear. I’d love to see more about that sport, actually. There were one or two moments in this issue that I felt tried to be just a little too sympathetic (usually these are comments the female trainer makes), but on the other hand, at least one of them advances the story, so it’s not that big a problem. Again, it’s very Mitsuru Adachi-like in its focus on sports and quiet contemplation of the characters, and I find that very charming.

VS Aliens once again caught my attention this issue. Last time the tone changed drastically in a more sci-fi direction, but this chapter is more character focused as the trio wait out the night and try to guard against attackers. Not much happens, but it’s still got a very strange flavor to it, and the end promises more action next time. This is the one I find myself looking forward to the most.

Mask is also still very strange, and I love the storytelling technique it’s using to introduce the setting and circumstances. We’re learning as we go, though this time is a little less complex as the Mask character and other prisoners are walked towards an execution. A scuffle breaks out, and the mask advises the main character against fighting here. I feel like I need to read this one in a larger chunk to get a better idea of what’s going on, so a re-read of the previous chapters may be necessary before the next issue. It’s worth it.

Souls, or at least the first story, ends in this issue. This is the only story that has disappointed me, and it basically wraps up with the mother and daughter in each other’s arms, apologizing to one another under bittersweet circumstances. I like the character design on the “exorcist” character. I don’t really have anything to say about this, other than the fact the last chapter was still fairly messy and I couldn’t really drum up any interest in it. I don’t mind this type of story though, and I’d be willing to give it another chance, hoping that the exorcist encounters a more interesting problem next time.

The next issue adds a story, which is pretty exciting. As much as I like the current stories, I’m always curious to see what kind of content can run alongside them.

This was a review copy provided by Gen Manga.

One Response to “Gen 3”

  1. Pirkaf Says:

    I see the magazine is finally available also on (really awesome site, mainly for the FREE international shipment), so I think I’m gonna buy it (I don’t like reading digital manga, nothing like a good old paper book.. ^_^)

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