Please Save My Earth 6

October 3, 2011

Saki Hiwatari – Viz – 2004 – 21 volumes

The first two pages of this volume made me laugh. Such perfect high school drama, with just the right emphases. You can literally hear Sakura saying all this: “Pay attention! Sheesh! What I said was Enju and I are at a park right now and guess who we just happened to see?! It was Haruhiko – the ex-Shion – and Alice! And they were on a date! We couldn’t really hear what they were talking about, but it looked like Haruhiko was pressing Alice for something. And then, Alice ended up running away from him! So, can we come over? We need to talk!”

I think it was the final “We need to talk!” that sealed it for me.

I had some of the characters’ ages wrong this whole time, too. For some reason, I thought Daisuke and Sakura were older than everyone else, but I was puzzled since the order of death seemed to determine age differences in the present. And they’ve stated twice that Gyoukuran was the first to die, which would make Jinpachi the oldest, if only by a month or so. Turns out Daisuke is the same age, and he and Sakura are going on the same school trip as everybody else, just at a different school. So that makes more sense now.

I do like that the characters are talking more about getting trapped in the past and trying to break away. To be fair, it doesn’t really make sense that they keep meeting to discuss things, and feel they can’t do so when there’s only a few people present. There’s no unfinished business, no missions, and nothing that’s unsettled between them save for Shion and Shukaido, who meet in private anyway. So why meet weekly to discuss the past? Why not just hang out like regular friends? But then again, it just goes to show how obsessed they are with their former selves. It seems that nobody is stuck there more than Rin, but at the same time he’s using the present to try and break away, as well. He’s desperately trying to set Mokuren free, and I like that his lies go some way to making people think that, yeah, things are different now since Shion doesn’t seem himself.

There’s more and more flashbacks, and I think those run for awhile starting in a volume or two. I feel like I can almost piece everything together after these first half dozen volumes, but I’m interested in seeing what a chronological retelling will add. Probably lots of drama, and at least a little personality for Hiiragi. If I’m lucky. I also wonder if there’s some dirt to be had on Gyoukuran. He was the first to die, after all.

Surprisingly, Jinpachi is a bigger jerk in this volume than Rin. Rin scales the creepy jerk factor way back in favor of a couple really nice scenes where he talks about how desperately he loves Alice, but wants to let her go. Jinpachi, on the other hand, rattles Haru up enough to get slapped, tries to put the moves on Alice again after being rejected multiple times, is unconsciously cruel to Issei, and even says some of the wrong things to both Sakura and Rin. He’s insensitive at best, but he’s not quite the psychopath that Rin is.

One Response to “Please Save My Earth 6”

  1. Can’t . . . say . . . anything . . . except that the way you lay this out is genius the likes of which you will only appreciate once you have read the whole series. :)

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