Please Save My Earth 7

October 3, 2011

Saki Hiwatari – Viz – 2004 – 21 volumes

After complimenting Rin on his seeming level-headedness in the last volume, he repaid me this time around by losing his cool in just about every sense. Haru panics and asks Rin about the mysterious note from Mr. Tamura’s psychic friend at the end of the last volume, and Rin figures out that Haru is… disobeying. So Rin seeks out Mr. Tamura and drives him into the open by threatening everyone around Tamura and Haru, then engages in Domu-style psychic battles with Mr. Tamura’s psychic friend. But not before threatening to kill them in some of the most slow and painful ways imaginable.

Wow. It’ll take me a good, long time to shake off all of that before I like Rin again.

But then again, another flashback at the beginning of this volume reveals that Rin’s a bit of a softie. It doesn’t excuse him from being a psychopath, but at the same time, every little bit of extra on Rin is interesting. He’s the best character in the series so far, unfortunately. We find out he desperately wanted to go home once he got to the Moon base, except where everyone came from wasn’t really his home either, they were just the conquering planet. He’s never had a place to belong until he came to Earth. These memories mixing with the present go far to explain what he mentioned to Alice about not being sure what was the dream and what was reality. But we do know that he thoroughly enjoys his life on Earth, possibly even without Mokuren by his side. What would he do to wreck it? Probably nothing.

Given the title of the series, it also makes me wonder what he would do to save it. I still wonder what the passwords are actually for.

Rin is scary. There are few characters that are as genuinely chilling as he is.

2 Responses to “Please Save My Earth 7”

  1. Amen to that. He keeps veering back and forth, defeating every effort a reader makes to like him and then reminding us what made us sympathetic to him in the first place. First class storytelling!

  2. P-chan Says:

    Heh Heh Heh. Good old Rin.
    You still have quite a bit to go before you figure him out. XD

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