S 4

October 3, 2011

Saki Aida – June – 2009 – 4 volumes
this is a novel

I put off writing about this, but the truth is I read this immediately after it arrived at my house a month ago. I could not wait to finish this. Again, it’s nothing spectacular, but it’s everything I want from it. Dramatic, tragic romance written just right, with lots of action and stuff to get caught up in. It scratches my itch for this type of read nicely, and odds are if you pick up these novels, it’s probably going to do the same for you.

The last volume ends with what appears to be Shiiba going off to a last stand, and the beginning of this volume doesn’t disappoint. I was a little shocked it jumped in right away, with no preamble, into a situation which was literally going against everything Shiiba had been working for to that point. It was surprisingly intense, and a great way to get me hooked.

I feel like I shouldn’t spoil too much of what is going on in this volume. I liked that Kiri and Motoaki are more heavily involved in the plot this time, too. Kiri is an especially interesting character. Her lack of speech makes her a tough nut to crack, and I love that Aida wrote her as a relatively strong female character. You never see such things in BL stories, and it’s especially hard to do when you imply that Kiri is basically a kept woman. But she holds her own, and her story is a sad one.

The romance is great, too. Without saying too much, there’s plenty of Munechika and Shiiba for the reader to enjoy, and the scenes are just as good as they’ve been throughout the whole series.

But in the end, the volume has just about everything the reader needs to feel satisfied. I was very happy with the story, even with an ending that was a little too obviously open for my taste (I hate endings that are obvious attempts to leave the door open for sequels with the same villain). I’m not the biggest fan of action-oriented BL stories, especially yakuza-centric ones, but I loved this one. Couldn’t put it down. I think I read this entire novel in one sitting. It only makes me wanna pick up more of these June novels.

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