Skip Beat 24

October 9, 2011

Yoshiki Nakamura – Viz – 2011 – 28+ volumes

I read this months ago, but it drifted to the bottom of my review pile. Every time I pick it up, I re-read it instead of writing about it. I can’t help but love and adore Skip Beat, and this is one of the best volumes. It’s one of my absolute favorite current series.

What makes this one of the best volumes? Well, the Valentine Wars. In a series where the heroine sets out to hate (in the most hilarious way possible) every guy who may have a crush on her, it’s hard not to revel in a Valentine’s Day storyline.

To make matters worse, Ren’s birthday is also on February 13th, so there’s a Ren storyline wrapped up in here. Of course, with Valentine’s Day as the theme, Ren is inevitably involved (sadly, he doesn’t get to give her a present, because that’s not how Japan works. In fact, I don’t think he could give her a present on White Day, which is Valentine’s Day for girls, unless Kyoko gave him something on V-day).

But Valentine’s Day isn’t just Ren. Because this is a super-evil shoujo manga, and that would be too easy. Ren is merely the handsome boyfriend candidate. The good one. There’s also Sho, the asshole that dumped Kyoko back in volume one, and Reino, another huge jerk from somewhere ten volumes ago. Both of these are bad men. Both are also trying as hard as they can to court Kyoko, mostly out of spite.

I love that expensive flowers and chocolates, homemade stuff, and other Valentines-related hoops, are jumped through all in the name of spite in this series. God is this good stuff.

Also a nice touch: The chocolates that Kyoko makes for Reino say “you go to hell” and have the word “hate” inscribed on them, as well as crying dog faces. This is why no comic is better than Skip Beat.

Also great: When Ren is in a full-blown rage, he hides it with a beatific, sparkling gentlemanly smile.

If I keep going, I’m just going to keep listing the funniest scenes in the book. Suffice to say, there’s humor as well as romantic stuff to look forward to, since not only is Ren on the cusp of not getting a Valentine’s gift, there’s also Reino showing up to accept one, and Sho acting childish, and all sorts of adorable/hateful romance to enjoy in a way that only Skip Beat can provide.

I LOVE THIS. Truthfully, I finally reviewed this volume because I told myself I couldn’t read the new one until I did. I love this series to pieces.

3 Responses to “Skip Beat 24”

  1. I can’t help but love and adore it, either. Beagle . . . Snerk. Still cracks me up every time. Did you finally let yourself enjoy 25? Oh, the pain . . .

  2. Connie Says:

    YES. I read it right after I posted that review. Then I went through and re-read the entire series, and that took a couple days. I love this series so much, it’s a little sad.

  3. ells Says:

    I read all your SB reviews and love them
    You give just the right amount of spoilers and lave just enough hidden
    Just as a correction, Ren’s birthday is on the 10th or the 9th not the 13th.

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