Please Save My Earth 10

October 13, 2011

Saki Hiwatari – Viz – 2005 – 21 volumes

The Shion morality roller coaster continues. In case your heart was softening in the last volume, don’t worry. I think he’s also a rapist. The sex scene was ambiguous enough that I can’t tell if Shion actually forced himself, if they were in the middle when she asked him to stop, or if they were interrupted before things could escalate. I just can’t tell. Either way, he wanted to keep going after she said no. Seriously. I guess he just wasn’t enough of a bad guy yet.

Otherwise, I can’t quite figure him out. This is the point when they lose contact with the home world, and most of the crew wants to go to Earth since their society and culture was annihilated. But there are rules against it. Shion argues that rules don’t mean anything in the face of survival. When he persists in trying to stir the pot, they throw him in prison. I’m a little divided in my thoughts on this. On one hand, it’s true that he shouldn’t have been isolated simply because his views differed, and for trying to persuade people to his opinion. On the other hand, when you’re seven people living on a base with no hope of rescue, harmony and getting along is important, and Shion doesn’t understand this. Would I want to be forced to live with him for the rest of my life, knowing I was going to be verbally abused regularly until I agreed with him? No.

He doesn’t want to make up with Gyokuran and Hiiragi, doesn’t want to apologize and promise to be good. That’s easy to understand, because he’s not wrong, he’s just got a different strategy. I’m not sure how to resolve this situation, because they would have to agree to disagree, and when the topic is survival, that’s a tough thing to do. But again, he’s not in prison because his opinion is different. He’s in prison for being an asshole.

The whole rapist thing was completely unexpected. I thought he was telling the truth, though he certainly wasn’t motivated into action out of love, that’s for sure. His real motives somehow make the act even worse, and pretty much cement his negative image for all time. What if he learns something and repents his actions, though? That doesn’t really make it right or better, but I know that’s what is about to happen next volume.

I was a little shocked by Mokuren’s words on the final page. I had no idea that’s how it came about.

2 Responses to “Please Save My Earth 10”

  1. I recommend that you revisit your thoughts here after you finish the series. I’ll be interested to see if/how you re-evaluate the situation.

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