Please Save My Earth 11

October 13, 2011

Saki Hiwatari – Viz – 2005 – 21 volumes

Halfway point!

I was so, so happy to see the flashback end this volume. While I do find Shion infinitely fascinating, I was beginning to miss the present and the other characters. Plus, Shion is also very depressing in large doses.

The present (or at least a 1990 version of it) comes back in style. Most interesting here is the fact that the characters are trying really, really hard to ignore their past lives and live the best they can in the present. Jinpachi says as much, and he believes the meetings and such aren’t good for any of them. After an emotional scene between Issei and Sakura, Issei agrees with him and decides to give up on Mokuren’s feelings. Alice doesn’t want her memories back, since she’s worried that she’ll stop being Alice.

The Issei scene was the highlight of the volume for me. I was worried it was going to be more shoujo hand-wringing over the fact that he had an unrequited love for Jinpachi. He gave the full speech and everything, how he wanted to spite him for falling in love with Alice, how being in love was so painful, blah blah blah. Sakura snapped him out of his funk by talking about how ugly he was being, and how beautiful Enju’s love was. I didn’t appreciate it while I was reading it, because much has been said but not done on the topic of the love between Issei and Jinpachi, and I thought there would be more scenes like this before the ending. But maybe that’s not the case, because Issei just decides… to stop. He decides to be Issei, instead of Enju. And as Issei, the end of the scene implies that perhaps a relationship can exist between Sakura and Issei. That would be pretty great, actually. So the aftermath made that scene loads better.

Hilariously, after an extended flashback where Shion positions himself against Gyokuran in every way, present-Gyokuran decides to ally himself with present-Shion, who he thinks is present-Shukaido, in opposition to who he thinks is present-Shion but is actually present-Shukaido. I love that Rin has manipulated Gyokuran into doing all the work for him. Jinpachi decides collecting the passwords is a good decision in order to prove everything is real once and for all, so that they can stop obsessing over everything. Rin’s motives are still ambiguous.

And then… there’s the last scene in the volume. It is simultaneously creepy because the piano teacher is Ayako (seriously, Rin), and a little funny because it seems that Alice is jealous. Aww.

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