Knights of the Zodiac 28

October 16, 2011

Masami Kurumada – Viz – 2010 – 28 volumes

I was a little afraid of finishing this. I knew that the ending wasn’t going to be as over-the-top as the parts I liked best. I knew it was just going to finish itself off like a good shounen manga should.

It did. The bronze knights fight Thanatos, and they fight Hypnos, and then they fight Hades. Athena gets to put on her cloth and fight Hades, too. Everything goes about how you would imagine it. They fight, get beaten down, then their cosmos explode infinitely and they somehow triumph. Unusually, the characters do give up at several points, which has never happened before… but because this is the final battle in the final volume, it doesn’t quite have the impact it should.

There were two things that surprised me. Well, three. One involves the cloths. It’s not… really a surprise, but it was something I had wondered about the whole series. After all, Seiya and company are always the last ones standing, and yet they have the lowest ranked cloths of all the 88 warriors of Athena. The second involves Seiya. Something random towards the end. Something I like to see in my shounen series, but rarely do. Possibly because it’s super-unsatisfying. Which brings me to the way the series just… kind of stopped. To be fair, there weren’t a whole lot of loose ends to wrap up other than the one I just hinted at. But still. Series don’t end like that anymore.

I couldn’t really get into the last volume, but I was behind most of the rest of what was going on for all 27 that came before it. It took me a few volumes to understand what makes this series special, but watching the characters throw each other at enemies again and again, making up new limits for themselves with every attack, was something I’m glad I didn’t miss.

Plus, Virgo Shaka was well worth reading every page of this series for.

One Response to “Knights of the Zodiac 28”

  1. Joneleth Says:

    So you finally finished the series. Grats :P

    A bit on the ending :

    Kurumada loves to kill his heroes off at the end of a series. He does this in nearly all his manga.
    And if he someday decided on a sequel, well he’ll bring them back. :P

    Like he’s currently working on a new Seiya manga named Next Dimension. In it, we learn that Seiya was stabbed with Hades’ sword which affects the soul not the body. So Seiya’s soul will be destroyed after 3 days but he’s still alive despite being stabbed in the heart. Athena & Shun then travel back in time to the 18th century with the help of Chronos to destroy the sword so Hades can never stab Seiya with it. :P

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