Please Save My Earth 12

October 16, 2011

Saki Hiwatari – Viz – 2005 – 21 volumes

Things take a turn for the weird when all of Rin’s plans come crumbling down. Mr. Tamura finally makes a play that seems to shake Rin, but not before Rin reveals another play he’d been working. From the hospital. Seriously. That little kid’s a creep.

Plus, he takes something Alice says the wrong way and goes into a full-blown fit of anger, forcing her out of the hospital room. Alice doesn’t understand what the problem is, only that it has something to do with Gyokuran. With the past lives again. Part of the problem is also that Jinpachi and Issei are doing some digging about the incidents that Shion has put in motion, thinking that Haru is Shion. Alice begins to suspect that Shion isn’t a good person after all, even though her heart and unremembered personality is telling her otherwise.

There’s a rather romantic scene between Jinpachi and Alice towards the end of the volume, too. I hated it a little bit. It’s got all the right things happening, but I can’t explain why it’s so uncomfortable. Perhaps because, after bravely professing that he wanted to forget the past and Alice didn’t have to remember, he continues to give a speech about how much he loves Mokuren and how evil Shion is. Plus, he’s still forcing his feelings on Alice.

There’s a fantastic scene at the beginning of the volume, too, where though Alice hasn’t remembered Shion’s personality, she just keeps circling the truth again and again. You become certain she’s going to go home and remember, or that Rin is going to tell her, or that she’ll somehow say it out loud and know. It was maddening. I kept waiting and waiting for the other shoe to drop. That scene ended spectacularly anyway, but that opening was still spectacular.

And that wasn’t even the best scene in the volume. That would have to be when Rin travels back to the moon base and meets Shion after he lost his sanity. Since Shion was insane, Rin can’t know the memories, so it’s interesting that the alternate method is to confront Shion and have conversations between Rin and Shion. But after he went mad, Shion built something that’s upset even Rin. Rin doesn’t know what it is, but he’s obviously very, very shaken. It’s highly unusual to see him like that. Also unusual is that Shion doesn’t seem insane. He seems at peace, and Rin holds that against him. Hmm.

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