Karakuri Odette 6

October 24, 2011

Julietta Suzuki – Tokyopop – 2011 – 6 volumes

I really enjoyed the laid-back and character-driven plots all the way through this series, but I was wondering how it was going to resolve itself and end. In truth, I was a little disappointed, since some of the character issues I was most interested in (okay, yes, the romance) were left unresolved. Still, it’s really hard not to like Karakuri Odette, and the last volume proves that by being completely unlike the others, yet still very much worth reading.

The story about Odette and Travis getting married is carried all the way through here. Again, Suzuki has a knack for finding touching moments in the ordinary, so some of the themes here were absolutely heartbreaking. My favorite part of the story was that Grace was just like Chris in that she has a robot that supercedes her in terms of AI, and yet Chris is embraced as another member of the Yoshizawa family, while Grace is forgotten. It’s a sad story, made even sadder by the selfish actions of her creator and Travis, her robot brother that she looks up to. Watching Grace get tossed aside again and again was really what made this book worth reading for me.

And somehow, that depressing theme didn’t wreck it. I didn’t really like the plot about Odette marrying Travis, so I was dreading this as an ending for the series, but it still wound up being pretty sweet. That’s mostly thanks to the doting Professor Yoshizawa, who works well as an overprotective parent and an amazing scientist that can somehow one-up everybody. Professor Yoshizawa is probably the secret to what makes this series amazing. Asao also steps in to save the day towards the end, and while nothing concrete happens, we do get the gift of several fine Odette and Yoshizawa scenes. They melt even my frosty heart.

Again, this isn’t the type of series where I can point to one thing and tell you why you should read it. But you should anyway. Even if it doesn’t sound good. I didn’t think I’d like a series about a robot girl going to school either, but Julietta Suzuki is amazing with characters and writing relationships between them (family, friendship, romantic), and all of that shines really well in Karakuri Odette. I still prefer Kamisama Kiss, but Karakuri Odette was still definitely worth the read. Track it down while you still can!

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