Please Save My Earth 13

October 24, 2011

Saki Hiwatari – Viz – 2005 – 21 volumes

For some reason, this volume is hard to find. I got lucky and bought it, along with most of the rest of my PSME volumes, in a comic shop that still had it in stock a year or two ago. I’m very happy, because I almost didn’t pick up this series out of fear of having another Basara-like experience tracking a volume down. But now I’m thrilled. I think I like this series better than Basara.

I like that the story took a step away from Rin in this volume. He is interesting, but at the same time, the story has been fairly obsessed with him these past several volumes, and we haven’t really been hearing from the others. This one almost feels like the characters going through the motions, though, as they’re still following Rin’s lies and taking the long way to figure it out.

Alice figures it out, though. Not all of it, but the part I was waiting for. It doesn’t really change things, since she has nobody to talk to about this. I also appreciate the fact she seems to be keeping the information to herself for the time being, because I have the impression the others would flip pretty quickly when they figured things out. But I do hope something major happens within the next volume or two. I’d love to see how another conversation between Rin and Alice goes after the last blow-up.

I’m still loving the fact that everyone is still trying so desperately to just set the past aside, but they just can’t help themselves. I thought this might have gotten old by now, but they seem to do it unconsciously. They aren’t making any easily-preventable mistakes, either, where you just want to slap them silly because they’re doing something obviously wrong. They’re just being themselves, and falling back into old habits that aren’t necessarily a good idea in the present. They’ll have a conversation about forgetting every little bit of the past, then decide to go to Kyoto to confront Shion. What can you do?

I don’t have that much to say this time, mostly because I’m just waiting for the Alice/Rin reunion. Perhaps Alice will have her memories by then, too. I’m curious to see what will happen, which is pretty much my stance on this whole series. I love that I have literally no idea where any of this is going. I don’t know what’s going to happen next. Nothing is terribly obvious to me, except for the fact that Rin and Alice will probably end up together, and I don’t know how I feel about that. The way it will happen is still a ways off, though, since Rin is so irrationally negative.

2 Responses to “Please Save My Earth 13”

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  2. I liked the circling back to the past despite deciding to set it aside, too. It’s frustrating and, like you said, they aren’t making any stupid mistakes, so it feels unforced and natural, as if the behavior is arising from the characters and not being forced on them to fit the plot situation. Good writing. :)

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