Please Save My Earth 14

October 24, 2011

Saki Hiwatari – Viz – 2006 – 21 volumes

Normally I dislike passive heroines, but I do like Alice. It wouldn’t be the same if she had the personality of, say Jinpachi. She does sit back and let things happen to her in early volumes, but I almost feel like her passiveness is good lately, because it means she simply sits back and takes in what everyone else is doing, keeping her opinions to herself in the meantime. She’s not really being forced or manipulated into doing anything. Though it would appear those around her are manipulating her into remembering or forgetting her past life, she seems to have roughly the same outlook as everyone else, so it doesn’t seem to matter too much in the end. She did surprise me when she explained what was happening to Rin’s mom, though I think she was motivated to do that out of guilt more than anything else.

And, admittedly, passive heroines are a little easier to relate to. Especially in this story. What can anyone do, when confronted with the type of stuff Alice is dealing with here? I think letting her sit back and watch is a great strategy.

This volume… it was a big one. I almost thought I was going to get the Rin/Alice reunion I was hoping for, but it looks like that’s still not in the cards. What does happen is that Jinpachi, Issei, and Rin go meet Mr. Tamura for an explanation as to what Shion’s been up to. And Mr. Tamura gives it to them. We know the whole story, of course, but it’s a complete shock to the three of them. I was a little upset that they didn’t talk about the implications of this more, and wonder what Rin was really up to. I suppose there’s not too much to say.

It was interesting that the biggest point of contention was not that Rin was a murdering creep, but what Shukaido did to Shion in the past. This made everyone stop, think, and react with revulsion. Somehow, it was Haru’s fault, which just goes back to the whole “they aren’t really dropping their past lives” thing.

And then Alice begins acting strangely. She doesn’t really want to accept her memories. She’s afraid. But they come for her anyway. The strange quirks that begin happening around this time are… interesting, to say the least. I need to read the next volume right now. Hopefully it won’t be a long flashback to “Paradise,” though the fact that it’s a nudist colony, of sorts, amuses me greatly.

One Response to “Please Save My Earth 14”

  1. Alice as a passive heroine seems like she should annoy people more, too. Supposedly, it’s Very Bad to have a passive lead character. However, like you said, in a situation like this, what’s Alice supposed to do? What is she supposed to want? I really love that she’s actively observing before making too many judgments. And . . . I’m not going to say any more.

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