Tyrant Falls in Love 4

October 24, 2011

Hinako Takanaga – June – 2011 – 8 volumes

I won’t lie. I’ve been dying to read this for two solid months, ever since I finished volume three during my Challengers/Tyrant marathon. I thought this was slightly less interesting, story-wise, than the other volumes in the series, but the worst volume of Tyrant is still a blissful guilty pleasure for me.

The plot here is very serious, and involves Shuichi crossing the line one day and ranting all-out on the wrong person. Said person winds up being a stalker, and things escalate until Morinaga insists on moving in temporarily with Shuichi and his younger sister. This happens to match perfectly with Morinaga’s apartment building getting “too old” and his being forced to vacate.

The setup in this volume is just a little too convenient. It’s the requisite drama that you need in a series like this that brings the reluctant characters together, coupled with the excuse to get the two of them to live together. Bah.

At the same time… the requisite drama pays off well in the end. Ridiculously well. I’m a little ashamed at how much I liked the end of this volume. All the same, it was awesome, and I won’t spoil the surprise.

Interestingly, there’s quite a bit of Souichi character development in this volume, too. The plot hinges on him being openly violent to complete strangers, so it wouldn’t be quite right if he didn’t realize the error of his ways by the end of the volume. There’s also some development in how he treats Morinaga, too, as there always is in these volumes. It’s never anything that goes all the way, but it gets shockingly close in this volume. Their moments alone still make me laugh really hard, since Morinaga can give Souichi’s angry rants back just as well as he takes them. Watching the two squabble for pages and pages is my favorite thing, and it’s great that Takanaga can nail the chemistry between the two that well.

Souichi’s “roommates” comment at the end of the volume made me a little sad, but I’ll come back to that later.

Basically, I read a lot of BL, and this is my favorite. It’s got all the good stuff in it, and is just the right mix of really funny and really romantic for me to forgive it the occasional cliche or its huge faux pas of an opening. It’ll take a lot to unseat The Tyrant Falls in Love as my favorite BL series.

5 Responses to “Tyrant Falls in Love 4”

  1. P-chan Says:

    Let Dai isn’t your favorite anymore? JK, Let Dai isn’t really a BL in the same way Tyrant is.

    Honestly, I’ve had my copy of Tyrant 4 for about a week, but my missing volume 2 arrived yesterday. Not only are June manga releases late (this was supposed to be out in August, I think) but volumes are already hard to track down.

    There was almost a bloodbath at Borders when I tried to get the final copy of volume 1 this past summer (which is funny in retrospect because who competes to get romantic man-porn in a public bookstore?)

    But I had to wait a really really long time for volumes two to come back in stock at rightstuf. It makes me really sad to see such a new (and really good) series having supply shortages already.

    On another note, Viz’s new BL line SUBLIME has announced they’ll realease one of my all-time favorite BL next spring/summer, so keep an eye out for preorders. I really reccomend it, His Most Favorite (Aitsu no Daihonmei) which features the lots of typical BL stereotypes BUT has a main character who looks like an adorable human-version of Kermit the Frog. I kid you not.

  2. Connie Says:

    I noticed that DMP seemed to be having supply issues with Tyrant. It surprised me, since it seems like one of their most popular series along with Viewfinder and Kizuna, and it looks like Finder 1 is out of print too. Then again, DMP also employs a mysterious and rarely-triggered formula for their reprints. I have trouble tracking down a lot of old and not-so-old stuff from them. The novels in particular seem to be so popular that they sell out in about three months, yet they are never reprinted. I often wonder if small print runs are somehow part of their licensing negotiations, but then again, Tyrant seems to have gotten a reprint, so I don’t know. Given the recent Kickstarter project to fund another printing of Swallowing the Earth, I wonder if their “miss” books eat up all the profits from the good stuff.

    Luckily, I picked Tyrant up as it was coming out, thanks mostly to how fanatic people seemed to be on the old DramaQueen boards, so other than the delayed releases I haven’t had any problems. I’m glad my OCD collecting habits overrode how put off I was initially after volume one.

    That Borders story really is funny. I can’t bring myself to buy BL from a real store (as if anyone knows what’s in there), and it’s hard for me to imagine a scene like that. But it makes me happy that it was over Tyrant.

  3. P-chan Says:

    In the end, we settled for rock-paper-scissors, like the civil mature adults we are.

    Most BL covers star bishounen boys that may as well be girls to untrained cashier eyes. But there was a young [male] cashier who raise his eyebrows a little at the factory sealed exterior and M-rating. My friend and I totally think he knew. Hopefully he got another bookstore cashier job when Borders went out of business and is entertaining a new generation of store BL buyers.

    As far as buying BL in real stores, I’ve been okay ever since I attended A-Cen, an anime convention a little outside Chicago, in Rosemont. You can use up a lifetime’s worth of embarrassment getting weird stuff. Still, a few years ago when I was 18, I had my mother buy all my BL for me. It blended in with her sparkly shoujo purchases.

    Still, I’m hoping DMP can figure out a way to fix this, it’s the only reason I don’t buy from them that often. Also, I dislike the shrinking of their manga volumes in recent licenses. My Maiden Rose volumes are wonderful, but Kizuna, Tyrant, and No Touching At All are all typical tankoban size. It’s a little disappointing.

  4. Connie Says:

    Yeah, the downgrade in June books is a little disappointing. I was just wondering about the size discrepancies, since all their books used to have that larger trim size. And dust jackets. And sometimes color pages, too. I’ll take what I can get, but still. They used to be so nice.

    I bought BL in a real store for the first time about a month ago. There’s one comic shop I’ve seen that stocks BL, and they keep it on the top shelves of their three manga bookcases, but the shelves are about ten feet high. I had to ask the female clerk to grab them for me, and then tell her the titles I wanted, one of which was “The Man Who Doesn’t Take Off His Clothes.” I think there were two others, but I don’t remember what they were now. None had embarrassing covers, thankfully, but it was no secret what they were. She rang me up with a confused look on her face, possibly because I was trying so hard to disappear through the floor. They’ve stocked BL for years, and I can’t be the only one that has to ask for help to get them down, but still.

    Ah, I always think about going to Acen. I hate the thought of traveling to cons, and I live about three stops away from Rosemont on the blue line, so that’s the only one in range. Mostly laziness and cheapness makes me miss registration deadlines, though.

  5. P-chan Says:

    Well, to be honest, I only live 15 minutes from A-Cen, and I used to get free tickets every year, The grand prize for the scavanger hunt is 10 free tickets for the following year and my friend and/or her team would win every year, so I started going. But ever since we started college, she left the state and I started buying my own tickets.

    The panels and games can be a disappointment if that’s not your thing. And there’s no reason to go to publisher panels since you can get the news on ANN the next day, and if you don’t watch anime then the voice-actor panels are pretty meaningless too.HOWEVER, the dealer’s room (the place where they sell stuff) is practically a treasure rooms with lots of Out-Of-Print goodies, and beautiful artbooks with no english release, and lots of weird/cool merchandise to squander your money on. Depending on what you get and where you get it, you can find marvelous deals. As someone who buys, japanese comic, I found it worth the price of admission.

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