Gorgeous Carat 3

October 26, 2011

You Higuri – Blu – 2006 – 4 volumes

This volume deals largely with the conflict between Azura, Ray, and Florian. Ray manages to be held hostage by Azura twice, and escape both times, but Azura relentlessly and ruthlessly hunts him down.

There’s some drama when Ray and all the others believe that Florian is dead, but Florian was saved from his fate by a kind old man. Unfortunately, opium addiction and trauma seems to have erased all of Florian’s memories, so he doesn’t know who he is, or that he should go back to Ray and the others. Ray, meanwhile, believes that Florian is dead, and blames himself. Of course this situation can’t last forever, and most of it is resolved by the end of the volume. Some of it isn’t, and it makes for some pretty sad stuff.

Strangely, this still hasn’t verged into BL territory. It’s dancing all around it, certainly, but there’s still nothing terribly overt between Ray and Florian. I’m just saying. Blu titles are usually pretty explicit, and I doubt very much the last volume is going to pay off in any way like that. But I would be happy with just a little confirmation, maybe.

Meanwhile, I like that the central plot of the series seems to be moving into Indiana Jones territory. Ray puzzles through a secret message about the lost treasure of the Knights Templar that Azura asked him for assistance in solving and translating. After Azura betrays him, Ray decides to find the treasure himself, and the volume ends with the characters going on a trip to Tunisia. While this hasn’t been very BL-y so far, it has paid off in the action/adventure department, so I’m looking forward very much to what happens in Tunisia.

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