Please Save My Earth 15

October 26, 2011

Saki Hiwatari – Viz – 2006 – 21 volumes

…and here’s the beginning of Mokuren’s flashback, where we find out about her time in Paradise. Again, I’m not all that interested in this, but there are two things that caught my eye:

1. Paradise is still a no clothes facility, at least for the Kiche Sarjalians.

2. It’s interesting that I mentioned Alice being a passive character last time, because we see Mokuren really, really isn’t during her early days in Paradise. She’s quite a troublemaker, actually.

It was rather amazing how similar Mokuren and Shion’s stories were. I wasn’t expecting that at all, though I knew Mokuren’s time in Paradise wasn’t going to be all sunshine and rainbows. The story about her parents was simultaneously sweet and also… well, a little much. Really? They’re so caring they burst into tears over everything? They have a perfect love? Then that happens to them? Even I have my limits for drama-tastic situations.

I can’t spoil this too much, and there are no other characters involved just yet so that I can comment on their development, so this entry is rather short. Plus, I’ve been flying through the volumes and want to read the next one now. I’m really, really, really enjoying this.

But one more thing. Something young Mokuren says here turns an unbelievably sweet and forgiving scene between she and Shion in one of the earlier volumes into an act that seems like it’s nearly as cold as Shion himself. I couldn’t believe it. I’m dying to see her thought process behind those lines. For the time being, they’ve been robbed of all meaning, though.

One Response to “Please Save My Earth 15”

  1. I love those reversals. Every time I would hit one in a new volume, I would want to go back and read all the earlier volumes again to reinterpret them in light of this new information. Powerful added reread value, go!

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