Dengeki Daisy 6

November 6, 2011

Kyousuke Motomi – Viz – 2011 – 9+ volumes

It’s been a while! I still think this series is a bit too dramatic considering its strength is in its humor, but it’s so adorable I forgive it all the melodrama.

The first half deals with the mystery of Mr. Arai and what he’s up to. Teru gets kidnapped, Kurosaki rushes in for a rescue… we know how this goes. The Mr. Arai situation winds up being much different than it seems, and I liked that he turned out the way he did. And admittedly… though Teru gets kidnapped a lot, I loved that this storyline played on the fact that Teru and Kurosaki knew what each other would do, and thus pulled off the rescue and recovery that way.

And in case that wasn’t exciting enough for you, someone threatens to blow up a building, too.

After this, the story goes over more well-trodden ground when Kurosaki tries to figure out whether he wants to tell Teru that he’s Daisy, while at the same time Teru is trying to figure out whether she wants to tell Kurosaki she knows he’s Daisy. This is starting to drive me a little crazy, but to Motomi’s credit, it’s pretty fresh in context. I dread these chapters when they come, but at the same time, I love reading them.

And Kurosaki and Teru are still hilarious together. Again, that’s what makes reading this series so fun. There’s less and less of the two of them interacting with no innuendo, but every bald joke is precious, and they’re still stuffed in there intermittently. The last chapter in the book is pure funny, when a former enemy shows up to dote on a puppy.

I do love this series. It’s starting to slip into its own formulas after six volumes, but at the same time, I still adore the characters and relationships. I just got another volume in the mail, and I’m hoping something new happens. It looks like there might be a new bad guy coming soon, so I’m hoping that’s what I get to see next time.

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