Dengeki Daisy 7

November 10, 2011

Kyousuke Motomi – Viz – 2011 – 9+ volumes

What an awful cliffhanger! Seriously. I loved that the author note on the last page apologized for… “super go-bald-Kurosaki” story twists, and said that it was just a dumb romance manga, and Kurosaki would go back to flirting before too long. I’m glad she left a reassuring note, because I was just thinking that this series was way too serious for how funny it can be. These serious parts about whether or not Kurosaki will tell Teru his identity… they were getting tedious. The cat is out of the bag, but matters are not settled, so this is going to take at least one more volume to resolve. Sigh. But that more laughs are promised is great news.

Secretly, I also liked the author note in the side bar that implies Kurosaki masturbates to thoughts of Teru. That ranks high on my list of things shoujo mangaka should never ever say, but I love that she crossed that line.

This volume is about as depressing as you would think, and Teru really does find out about Kurosaki’s identity and the things he did. I hate that the point of contention is a stupid blown-out-of-proportion misunderstanding, as is often the case in shoujo manga, but I hate even worse that Teru doesn’t really fall for it, but Kurosaki assumes she does. Shoujo manga! Why must you drive me crazy though I love you so?!

The latter part of the volume is a lot of drama that I’m not really going to talk about (you should read it yourself! It’s really good!), but it does involve Kurosaki’s identity being leaked, a cute amusement park date, and the re-emergence of some bad guys that have been loitering around lately. The first chapter is a cute one-shot story about Teru sticking up for Kurosaki to one of her snobby teachers, who thinks Kurosaki is a bad influence. Teru agrees that if she doesn’t score at the top of her class, Kurosaki will have to dye his hair black. This is too much of a temptation for many members of her class, who try to prevent her from studying.

In an another moment of just how awesome Motomi is, she draws Teru imagining what Kurosaki would look like with black hair, but has never once drawn him bald. I love that the latter is so horribly unimaginable.

This was a review copy provided by Viz.

2 Responses to “Dengeki Daisy 7”

  1. “Secretly, I also liked the author note in the side bar that implies Kurosaki masturbates to thoughts of Teru. That ranks high on my list of things shoujo mangaka should never ever say, but I love that she crossed that line.”

    My sister loves this series and she was just observing how much she loves the line-crossing in this series. “It does so many things no other shoujo would do,” she told me while I was using her treadmill and almost falling off when Kurosaki actually strips one of the villains to trap her in a bathroom. Then there’s the way Teru describes a fight as being “So not classy.” And that dream sequence with her brother where she re-imagines her dream self with ginormous breasts. And the fact that some of her friends are just hilarious, goofball idiots but that she’s allowed to have smart friends, too. Not to mention all the snot. And Kurosaki’s crudeness. And those author comments about the difficulties of drawing breasts. And the baldness Q&A sections. The list goes on and on.

    I was a bit irritated that they seemed to be misunderstanding each other at the end of this volume, too. I mean, the message he sends her confirms that he knows she didn’t really send the first one, so she knows he knows, and everything’s still all screwed up. Sigh. Volume 8 actually explains some of that (and a ton of other things), thank goodness. (It came out near the end of my visit with my family, so I got to read it!)

    I’m glad you like this series. I was starting to wonder why I wasn’t seeing more in the community about it, but I’ve been mostly away for the last semester because of a second job, so maybe everybody loves it, and I just haven’t caught up yet. : )

  2. Connie Says:

    I just got my copy of volume 8 today. Cant wait to read it!

    You’re right about her crossing into some strange shoujo territory. I love that it’s not even really raunchy stuff, or a line of good taste, it’s mostly just things well-behaved shoujo manga don’t normally do. The baldness obsession is one of my favorite things. It’s such a bizarre topic to begin with, but all the characters, along with the author and apparently the fans who write letters, seem to obsess over it a great deal. It makes the joke that much better. Actually, I just love the weird characters in general. I love that Teru’s eccentricities spread to even the bad guys in the series, though most of the funny stuff I can remember from the earlier part of the series is being overwritten with memories from the end of volume 7. Too serious!

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