Kamisama Kiss 6

November 17, 2011

Julietta Suzuki – Viz – 2011 – 10+ volumes

This is a little different! The story takes a break from the romance between Nanami and Tomoe to feature a contest between Nanami and a girl named Kayako. Apparently the gathering of the kami is happening, but Nanami isn’t enough of a kami to attend, so the organizers decided to have a contest to see whether Nanami could beat a powerful girl known as “the human kami.”

The contest is a lot of fun. Kayako is a huge jerk, and full of herself, so she constantly puts Nanami and her powers down. But Kayako doesn’t have a shinshi like Tomoe, and one of the organizers hints that this might be her downfall. But Kayako does have real power, which Nanami does not, and it does turn into an issue during this story. The issue is ten times worse than normal for Nanami, since Kayako constantly rubs her face in the fact Nanami has no power to use. It’s pretty funny.

There’s some supernatural danger that both Kayako and Nanami get to save the school from, and there’s also plenty of scenes where Tomoe gets to be a hero. Tomoe’s rude and sarcastic nature is in fine form in this volume, and it’s a perfect match to Kayako’s badgering. Nanami gets it from both sides here, though predictably, Tomoe and Kayako don’t get along. If the romance is what you liked best in this series, don’t worry, it hasn’t been entirely left behind here. There’s some wonderful scenes of Tomoe acting out here. Part of me thinks that this will be going somewhere, but the other part remembers how it totally did not in Karakuri Odette, Suzuki’s other translated series.

But it still has the wonderful writing and sweet story that make me love Suzuki. Plus, one of my favorite things about the series is the supernatural elements, which are often downplayed in favor of the romance, and we get to see a lot of that here. While I think characters are her strong suit, the kami system and the magic and myth associated with it in this series is developing wonderfully.

This is still one of my top favorite current shoujo series. I can’t wait to lay my hands on every volume as it comes out, and the continually changing storylines in each volume guarantee that this will be a great read for some time to come.

This was a review copy provided by Viz.

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