Until the Full Moon 2

December 3, 2011

Sanami Matoh – Kodansha USA – 2011 – 2 volumes

Oh, but was I excited about this volume. I’m not even sure why. The first was a strange mix of humor and romance and weirdness that I usually don’t enjoy in my stories. Plus, the premise is very silly (you know… vampire marrying a half werewolf/half vampire that turns into a woman, but is usually a man). But there’s something about it I just can’t leave alone.

I did like the second volume a little less than the first, but I’m not exactly sure why. Maybe the supernatural situations were a little more fun in the first volume? The format is the same, with chapters that are more-or-less one-shots. The first chapter has a fairly typical romantic triangle plot, with a misdirected couple that can’t admit their feelings putting the moves on Marlo and David, causing misunderstandings between them.

The second one is a little stranger, and slightly more out there than the previous efforts. Marlo turns into a little boy when he drinks a special vintage of wine, and after an extremely bizarre explanation about why that is and why they need a very specific wine to fix it, the characters fret over what will happen if Marlo can’t be turned back into an adult and has to grow up again.

The third story is about David’s parents, and the lover that Arnet spurned in order to marry David’s mother. This is necessary because… wait for it… in the fourth story, Marlo and David’s wedding, her daughter shows up to ruin the occasion by trapping the characters in a mirror. David goes to some fairly heroic lengths to rescue Marlo from that situation.

The last story is a continuation of the “past” story from the last volume. It wasn’t anything spectacular, either.

Actually, my favorite in the volume was probably the story where Marlo grew younger. Even though it made no sense at all, even in the limited logic of the series, it was still a really interesting story, and fairly romantic to boot. Romance chases David and Marlo through all these stories, but it’s never really the point, merely an afterthought. I’m not sure if I liked that or hated it about the series.

And other than that… nothing really stands out about it. It is a little dated, and those looking for BL, or comedy, or romance, or even a mix of all three would probably be more satisfied elsewhere. But it is a rather bizarre series, and the supernatural-themed stories are pretty fun, especially in the first volume. Marlo and David are easy to like and sympathize with, and it’s a pretty upbeat and fun series in general, which is something I’m probably sorely lacking in the type of BL and romance I read. Give it a try if it sounds like your kind of thing, you’ll probably wind up liking it. Just be advised going in that it’s a little underwhelming.

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