Finder Series 05: Truth in the Viewfinder

December 24, 2011

Ayano Yamane – June – 2011 – 7+ volumes

Ah, the end of the Hong Kong story. Finally! The deal that was supposed to happen, Asami exchanging sensitive documents for Takaba, took an entire goddamn volume to happen. In that time, Takaba was kidnapped again (this time by Russian gangsters), there was lots of shooting, people getting slapped around, people getting shot and killed, and many chase scenes. Asami… loses his temper more than once, and Asami is definitely not the type that you want to make angry.

At this point, I was totally done with this hostage story. While this is surprisingly good (I can’t deny I tore through this volume like a madwoman), I desperately wanted to move onto the next big thing. Again, what I like best about this series are the stories where Takaba takes sensitive photographs, and Asami somehow busts in and saves/kidnaps him. There’s something a little funny, a little dangerous, and… uh, fairly steamy about those stories. It’s definitely the right mix.

Speaking of the latter characteristic, there’s plenty of that at the end of the volume. Rather than a Japan story, there’s an exotic vacation for Asami and Takaba. Asami is… uncharacteristically indulgent here, and Takaba turns out to be traumatized from his experiences in Hong Kong (because… yeah, that was terrible), so the whole thing felt a little out of character. But still. The steam. It’s there.

And that’s about all I have to say about this. Experiment successful! Again, I read all five volumes of this in a row to see how much my tastes have changed since I read the first volume from Be Beautiful five years ago. It was off-putting then, but now I’ve read so many more terrible BL books that… yeah, I love every page of this series. And yes, there’s lots and lots of sex, which is why all these reviews are so short. I’m ashamed. I’m sorry.

Obviously not ashamed enough to keep my opinions to myself.

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