Redmoon 2

December 24, 2011

Mina Hwang – ComicsOne – 2001 – 18 volumes

I suspect there are a sizable number of fine Korean fantasy comics that have not seen the light of day in English. I also suspect I would be a huge fan of this genre, should it appear. However, Redmoon probably isn’t the best example. It’s kinda…. well, dated. Both art and story-wise. It’s also a little generic, which might also be a product of the age of this series. I’m a big fan of this type of series, and the art, so this is right up my alley. I suspect it might not be wirth the hunt for most people, though.

I still like the mix of fantasy and contemporary settings. Philar is still struggling with regaining his memories as Philaro, the “Sun” and ruler of a distant planet. Lunarena is still trying to help him along. Philar seems to be… well, of two minds about this whole thing. He spends half his time as Philar, normal high school student, and half his time as Philaro, tough-guy deposed ruler. Philaro’s memories usually elude Philar, and he’s not aware of his other half, but he does get the physical benefits of being some sort of alien.

What all this leads up to is a big fight between some robots, a man dressed in some flowing robes, some sort of street punk, and Lunarena, an alien. This fight involves knives, lasers, and bombs, and it takes place in what appears to be downtown Seoul. It’s not quite as crazy as that description implies, but it’s strange enough.

This is still a lot of exposition. It’s been a while since I’ve read volume one, but it feels like characters are still being introduced and we’re still trying to figure out Philaro’s family situation. That’s just fine. The English edition does stop early, but I suspect the story will be well underway when it happens.

And… I don’t have much additional insight aside from that. It’s following the story I described quite closely, and there’s not a whole lot of depth, plot or character-wise right now. But it’s getting there, and I like this type of series, so I’m willing to wait it out.

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