Kobato 5

December 27, 2011

CLAMP – Yen Press – 2011 – 6 volumes

Sigh. I’ve said before that Ioryogi is the only reason I like this series, and that continues to be true. I liked this volume a lot, because it explained exactly what was going on, and it is more deeply connected to Ioryogi than it is to Kobato.

This book is tied pretty tightly to Wish. Kohaku appears a couple times here, the world of angels and demons seem to overlap, and the theme of waiting for your loved one to reincarnate over and over again and being happy as long as they are happy. I like it… but I’ve read it before, and it definitely isn’t my favorite thing. I might just have to give up on these Nekoi series. Wish, Suki, Kobato, and The One I Love are all pretty similar fluffy, low impact feel-good stories, and none are favorites by any stretch. They just aren’t for me. Then again, neither is Lawful Drug, and that’s a completely different kind of Nekoi series.

Oh, this volume is all about looooove. Kobato realizes she’s fallen in love with Fujimoto, and there’s some question about what her wish will be when she fills the jar now. Fujimoto just might be in love with Kobato, too. But the big news in this volume is all about who Ioryogi is, who Kobato is, and how all these animals got to be wandering around. I was shocked when I learned that this all ties back into love as well. Ioryogi fell in love with an angel, and many bad things happened. CLAMP’s insistence that some people can be the same, but not the same pops up here in a rather annoying way, so I’m not sure… of the link between two of the characters now. Are they the same character? Are they not? Does nobody care about the difference? That’s what it seems like by the end of the volume.

All the same, even though I was a little tired of all the loving, I did like Ioryogi’s flashback and the explanation about what happened between the worlds. While none of the other characters have grown on me over the last five volumes, I do hope that Ioryogi puts in an appearance in another CLAMP manga, and that the big reveal next time won’t show him to be Syaoran or something.

And… yeah. One more volume of this to go.

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