Mars 7

December 27, 2011

Fuyumi Soryo – Tokyopop – 2002 – 15 volumes

I do love good shoujo melodrama when it’s done right, and Mars balances just about everything perfectly.

Masao is just the thing the story needs at this point. Rei is looking better and better due to Kira’s influence and his sympathetic role in the story, so it’s easy to forget he’s a bit of a dark loner. This volume sets up a lot more emotional abuse from Rei care of Masao, who is a complete psychopath that always manages to push Rei into things he regrets. Masao’s point is that Rei is a lot like him, a guy that likes violence for the sake of it and has a hard time empathizing with people. The story we’ve read so far seems to have a lot of evidence against that viewpoint, but Masao’s scenes always seem to end with Rei just about to kill him.

Though he’s great at pushing Rei’s buttons, Masao realizes that Rei cares for Kira, and she’s what stands between the two of them in terms of personality. If Rei didn’t have Kira, he’d be the same kind of really disturbed guy Masao is. I’m not sure how true that is, but both Masao and Rei seem to think so. So Masao decides to kill Kira in order to turn Rei into someone he can look up to.

See what I mean by the dark melodrama? With all this bad stuff going around, there’s still plenty of Rei and Kira moments, where Kira reassures Rei that he’s not like that, Rei realizing again just what Kira means to him, and the two of them getting each other through the dark teenage times. I like this plenty now, but I would have adored it had I read this in high school. Fuyumi Soryo really has a way of bringing Kira and Rei to life, and really making you feel for them.

By the end of the volume, it’s clear that the Masao storyline is complete (it ends in an appropriately depressing way, though nothing that affects either Kira or Rei), and the next volume looks like it will address what appears to be some issues that Kira has with sex. This isn’t going to be pretty, I expect.

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