Redmoon 3

December 28, 2011

Mina Hwang – ComicsOne – 2001 – 15 volumes

We finally learn what the name of the series means in this volume! Philaro is the Sun on his world (the emperor, in other words), and his brother is apparently the Sun in his absence. Except his brother isn’t the true Sun, and an imposter Sun is called a Redmoon.

Anyway. The story slows down here, which is a bad thing considering it wasn’t exactly booking it in the first place. I say slow down, but there’s still plenty of action. Philar begins to get attacked by cyborgs at nearly every turn. Said cyborgs are robot copies of his family and everyone in his neighborhood. Random sympathizers on the street that look to be concerned about his injuries are probably robots that are going to blow up in his face. This whole section is like a more extreme version of Invasion of the Body Snatchers, especially considering the cyborgs really are aliens.

The problem is that this volume is too much of Philar running and hiding from the cyborg attackers and not enough reveals about who Philaro is, what the people are doing hunting him, and what’s up with the aliens on Earth. What is revealed doesn’t make sense. In one scene, Philaro’s servant takes Lunarena to a mountain pass and shows him the body of Philaro, explaining that Philaro knew that everyone on their ship was going to die, so he transferred his mind into the body of a human, who the servant then killed… except Philar is still alive? I was baffled by this.

We do know quite a bit about the alien race, admittedly. I think Philaro is being hunted because his brother wants to remain the Sun, but then again, Philaro doesn’t seem interested in coming back, so I’m not sure why he has to be killed just yet. Maybe because he still poses a threat? It’s also been hinted he has some future as the emperor of the galaxy or something, so maybe that needs to be prevented, too. But most of this stuff was revealed earlier. There’s not too much about the alien civilization in this volume, and as the most interesting thing this story has going for it, its absence is noticeable. Hopefully things will pick up again next time.

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