Shadow Lady 2

December 28, 2011

Masakazu Katsura – Dark Horse – 2000 – 3 volumes

Okay, okay. This is honestly kind of bad, but I like it anyway. Lots of action, and this time there’s a rival character for Shadow Lady that gets just as much page time, doing all sorts of backflips through skyscrapers with crazy gadgets in a skimpy costume. It’s awful cheese, but it’s self-conscious, and a lot more fun because of it.

The rival character, named Lime, is introduced in the first chapter. She starts off as a romantic rival, having chased Bright to the big city and insisting on being his girlfriend, but Lime and Aimi get along rather well for rivals. Later, we find out that Lime is Shadow Lady’s newly introduced rival, and there’s a chapter or two of them fighting. Somehow, Lime knows Shadow Lady’s weakness, and that becomes a rather dire point of contention, especially when both ladies insist on having the media involved. Either of them revealing their identities in front of the cameras would be… bad.

Later, for whatever reason, a serious plot involving demons is introduced. We find out, in about a two page flashback, how Aimi became Shadow Lady, and in order to stop De-Mo from getting executed, Shadow Lady has to recover some gemstones with Arch Demons sealed in them. This doesn’t even make sense, but Shadow Lady is not a series for serious, thought-provoking plot. The fact it took a volume and a half to get to the part that explains why and how shy Aimi transforms into Shadow Lady says a lot.

But really, you read this for the panty shots, don’t you? There’s one particularly impressive page that crams three very natural-looking ones into only five panels. It’s incredible. It’s what Masakazu Katsura is best at.

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